Is it Time to replace Your Rain Gutters?

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One of the more important yet oftentimes neglected and overlooked roofing accessories is the rain gutter. They prevent water from entering your home by directing it away from the foundation of your home as well as its doors, walls, and windows. While regularly cleaning your rain gutters will help to extend their lifespan, they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced in order to keep protecting your home. When that time comes, you’ll want to hire a specialist from roofing companies in Napa to repair or replace them.

Potential Damages

If your rain gutters are not repaired or replaced when it becomes necessary, your home could experience the following adverse effects:

• Bowing driveways
• Breeding areas for insects and other pests
• Eroded landscaping
• A muddy mess around your home
• Poor drainage that leads to interior flooding
• Rotting fascia

Some of these can lead to more serious and very expensive problems. Therefore, you should contact your local roofing company to inspect your rain gutters and recommend the right repair solution.

The 5 Red Flags

If you’re not sure about calling roofing companies in Napa to inspect and evaluate the condition of your rain gutters, look for these 5 red flags beforehand:

Cracking and/or splitting – although small cracks may not appear to be a big deal, they will eventually become bigger ones unless you have the problem corrected. If they aren’t repaired or replaced, water is going to damage them further.

Gutter is pulling away or sagging – this is probably the easiest way to determine if there is a problem with your rain gutters. Rain gutters should never pull away from a home or start sagging. If they do, call anexpert from any of theroofing companies in Napa immediately.

Mildew and pooling water around the foundation – roofing companies in Napa are trained to look for these signs. If you notice them, this is a clear indication of a rain gutter that isn’t functioning properly.

Orange flecks and paint peel – while the paint on your rain gutters is intended to last many years, you shouldn’t have to deal with this problem for several years unless there is an ongoing presence of water. Peeling paint is a sign of old age while little orange are the start of rust.

Water damage / water marks – these signs indicate that a rain gutter is either leaking or overflowing. Be sure to inspect them once a year, preferably on a dry, sunny day. If left uncorrected, further water intrusion can damage the fascia and soffit.

There are many aspects that have to be considered before repairs can start. It is good to check on the gutters before the season changes, as you might have an issue when there are rains or storms.

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