How To Choose Between Very Differing Roofing Estimates

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As a consumer, you know to get at least two or three estimates for any large services. But when you are researching contractors for Napa roof repairs or replacement, how do you decide between very different estimates? Roofing estimates can vary greatly from one company to another. So how do you know how to make a valid comparison?

As one of your largest investments, a new roof should be carefully considered as well as the company you hire for that installation. When you get multiple proposals, you want to be able to be assured that you are comparing apples to apples. The best way to do a comparison is to get an in-depth breakdown of all charges and services.

Written estimates should be as detailed as possible and broken down into line items. Your estimate should set out all the following information:

● The type of roof, manufacturer, and color
● The materials that will be used
● The scope of work
● Installation method
● Approximate start and end dates
● Payment terms
● Length and terms of warranties

Financial Terms And Payments

What are the financial terms and what are the materials they cover? You will want to know what type of roof this estimate is for and who the manufacturer is. You will want specifics on all materials used. What type of underlayment, flashing, shingles, and ventilation will be used? What is the cost for these materials? For the labor? For permitting? What are the payment terms? You will want to know what downpayment is required and at what stages of progress the other payments are due. Is there a provision for you to withhold a final payment if the job is not completed satisfactorily?

Scope Of Work And Responsibilities

You will want to be assured of the scope of work that is covered so you are not surprised with added charges at the end. Are cleanup and removal covered? Can you make changes or add-ons? Who is responsible if landscaping is damaged during the installation? Will you get a lien release so you will not be held responsible if your roofer fails to pay contractors or suppliers? Make sure you get proof of a local business license, contractor license, and insurance for liability and workers’ compensation.

Once you get all this information, you will be in a better position to choose the right contractor for roof repairs or replacement for your Napa home. At Modern Method Roofing, we have over 63 years in the roofing industry and would be glad to offer an in-depth estimate for any of your roof repair needs.

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