Coming Together As A Community After Our Recent Devastating Fires

by / Wednesday, 01 November 2017 / Published in Tips

As we begin the monumental task of cleaning up after this month’s wildfires, we ask patience of all homeowners struggling to rebuild their homes and lives. These efforts will no doubt take years and we are already seeing a shortage of Napa roofing companies and building professionals and laborers to meet this need. Homeowners should follow their insurance company’s protocol and take special care when hiring contractors to help rebuild their homes after this disaster. As the labor shortage already existed before the fires began, it will no doubt prove to only get worse in the months ahead.

This has been a tremendous loss to our community. Overall, the wildfires burned hundreds of thousands of acres and destroyed approximately 8,400 structures, killing 42 people. Moody’s Investor Service has suggested that insured losses for property and casualty companies could exceed $4.6 billion. The EPA is now in the process of reviewing properties for hazardous or toxic waste before clearing them for removal. The most pressing logistical issues right now are finding housing for those who have been displaced and also those who are coming in to help rebuild. We ask that at this time, we offer help wherever we can to those we can assist.

“This is a monumental undertaking that is in front of us,” according to Eric Lamoureux, a regional administrator with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. “It’s a historic cleanup that has to occur not only here but across Northern California.” Although the governor has ordered the suspension of some of the tougher zoning, planning, and other requirements usually imposed on construction in order to help homeowners rebuild faster, there is a shortage of labor and materials right now. Patience and discernment is needed while we band together to rebuild our communities. Times such as these often open the doors to predatory companies wanting to take advantage of our circumstances. Your home and roofing system is not one you want to leave to amateurs, no matter how dire the situation.

As we all come together to rebuild our beautiful area, we ask that everyone be patient and considerate. As we have learned throughout history when disasters strike, friends and neighbors are often brought together through these difficult times. On behalf of Modern Method Roofing and all other Napa roofing companies and other building contractors, we wish that at this difficult time, you find ways to come together and make connections that give you hope as you go through the painstaking rebuilding process. We are all in this together.

The professionals at Modern Method Roofing area here to help. We will be working tirelessly until our area is whole again and our community has been rebuilt. Thank you for being patient and giving us the opportunity of working with you and our friends and neighbors to come together after this unfortunate disaster.


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