Is Your Home A Good Candidate For Photovoltaic Solar Panels?

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Today when we talk about solar energy, what comes to mind is typically the photovoltaic panel, otherwise known as a PV panel. The PV panel works by converting light particles into electricity at an atomic level. Small units, known as cells, are linked together into larger panels. These are what you see on Napa roofing systems and other areas around the country. If you are like so many other California residents, renewable energy is a matter near and dear to your heart. If you have been considering solar power, you may have been wondering if your home is suitable and how effective it will be for your individual needs.

First, let’s take a look at the advantages of photovoltaic solar panels. PV panels provide clean energy with no greenhouse emissions. Since solar energy is supplied by nature, it is not only free and abundant but is available anywhere there is ample sunlight. Since PV panels produce electricity by direct generation, its operating costs are negligible. Over the years, PV panels have experienced a vast reduction in cost and are now even easier to install on residential rooftops than ever before. And government subsidies make installing PV panels an attractive investment. Not only is solar energy good for the environment, but it’s return on investment is estimated at 12% to 15%, better than most stock market investments. This means that solar energy and the installation of PV panels is not only practical but economical. And it only gets better as energy rates rise.

How do you know if your home is a good candidate for photovoltaic solar panels?

● The typical rule of thumb is the more southern exposure your roof surface has, the more energy your system will produce. PV panels are ideally mounted on surfaces within 40 degrees of direct South for optimal production.
● Your home should have a minimal amount of shade from trees or other obstructions. An obstruction would be anything that may have an impact on the amount of sun your roof gets.
● How much surface space do you have on your roof that is available to the panels where they will be in the optimum positioning? Depending on your roof and its orientation, you need ample space for installation of panels.
● What type of roof do you have? PV panels work best on strong, durable materials such as asphalt shingle, concrete time or metal.

Regardless of weather, PV panels can convert both direct and indirect sunlight, so they will work even on a cloudy day.

If you are considering having PV panels installed on your home, call the Napa roofing experts at Modern Method Roofing. There are many companies out there installing panels on roofs but not all are able to do it in the most prudent way for your individual roof and home. We would be glad to answer any of your questions and consult with you to customize a system to fit your own specific needs.

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