Is Your Roof Causing A Mold Problem?

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Is it possible that a small roof leak can create a problem to your family’s health while being undetected? Napa roofing contractors know that any water that can find a way into your home can also be absorbed by porous materials in your home’s structure. When this happens, mold growth can occur completely undetected and can create a health and safety risk for you and your family.

When most homeowners think of a roof leak, they think of an obvious structural problem. It’s true that a water intrusion can compromise the integrity of your roofing system, and your home. It can even pose a risk to your wiring which in turn may become a fire risk. But a slow and continual small leak can steadily be absorbed into your home’s walls and insulation, creating a risk for mold and mildew. A small leak can result in mold spore growth within a matter of days given the right conditions.

Mold will grow in a limited area providing that there is sufficient ventilation so the moisture only accumulates in that immediate area. This is any easier fix. But sometimes a growth will result from a moisture buildup through the entire attic. This makes a solution more difficult.

Often, a small leak is due to things you would not normally notice as a homeowner such as broken shingles, inadequate roofing materials, roof valleys that are not properly sealed, or damaged flashing. Even clogged gutters can result in accumulated water that can become a leak. Minor roof leaks are often difficult to detect especially if there is no reason to suspect a problem.

If you are seeing these signs in your home, chances are you may have a small roof leak:

● Discolored areas on ceilings and walls
● Peeling paint around windows
● Cracking or bubbling plaster
● Crumbling drywall
● Wood decay around windows
● Darkened ceiling paint
● Excessive shingle granules in gutters
● Stained or decayed soffits or fascia
● Cupped shingles
● Musty smell
● Mold in attic
● Decreased energy efficiency

A slow leak is sometimes difficult to locate. Water will find ways to travel along the interior structure before eventually dripping or leaving any visible evidence. This is when it is important to have the expertise of professional Napa roofing contractors on your side. A professional inspection can help reduce damage and mold issues from a small roof leak.

Mold caused by roof leaks can pose health risks to you and your family so it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. Mold spores can easily spread throughout the home causing respiratory issues and other health problems. If you suspect you may have a small roof leak, call one of the roofing contractors in the Napa area to inspect and repair your damaged roof. If mold has been found, it is also advisable to hire a professional mold remediation professional to assess and clean the affected area.

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