Things To Know Before You Hire A Roofer

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Your roof is a big investment. As the first line of defense against the elements, it is probably one of the most important components of your home. So when you are about to replace your roof, you want the job done right. Here are some things you need to know when hiring one of our Napa roofers to replace your roof.

Make Sure To Get Multiple Quotes

A roof is not something you typically have done more than once or twice in your lifetime. Roofers don’t rely on repeat customers so customer satisfaction may not be one of their strong suits. Don’t just rely on price. An extremely low price can be a red flag. The contractor could be scrimping on other things like materials or labor. Make sure to get local references from neighbors, other tradespeople, or lumber yards and suppliers. Check roofing manufacturer’s websites for certified installation companies. Ask for references from any Napa roofers that you interview and follow up on these. Check BBB accreditations and sites that review local services.

Make Sure Old Shingles Are Removed

Although it may save money to have another layer of shingles installed over the old one, it means your Napa roofer will be unable to inspect or repair any decking or flashing underneath. At times, it may even mean that you will need to replace decking. But when you are investing in something as important as your roof, it is the best practice to do it right.

Buy The Best Roofing Products You Can Afford

Choosing the most quality roofing products for your home can mean that you will never need to worry about your roof again. Purchasing shingles with a longer warranty may only add a few hundred dollars to your installation but will be worth it if you plan to stay in your home for any length of time.

Pay Attention To The Details

For a job that takes a relatively short amount of time, a roofing job involves a large investment of money and liability. Pay attention to details such as:

1. Building permit. This ensures your roofer is following code. It is also necessary for your warranty.
2. A binding contract setting out all details, products, and costs involved.
3. A letter confirming the contractor’s insurance and that your project is covered for liability and worker’s compensation.

Your roof is a large investment. Make sure you hire an expert. When you are considering hiring a roofer in the Napa area, consider the professionals at Modern Method Roofing. We have served the Napa area with expert roofing services for over 63 years. Call us and let us quote your roofing repair or replacement today.

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