3 Ways to make Your Roof more Energy-Efficient

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If you’ve planned a number of ways to lower your monthly electricity bills but you still feel as though they could be reduced even further, it may be time to look at your roof and how you could make it more energy-efficient. Roughly 25% of the heat that you gain during summer and lose during winter passes through the roof on your house. The transfer of heat and trying to keep your indoor temperatures comfortable can overwork your HVAC system while driving utility costs through the roof (no pun intended). Here 3 ways that roofers services in Napa recommend for making the current roof green and energy-efficient.

Add more attic insulation – you can significantly improve your energy efficiency by adding more insulation in your attic. Furthermore, you have a number of options to choose from such as blown-in, foam, or spray. But, if you leave this job in the hands of a professional rooferscrew in Napa, you’re assured of gaining the utmost cooling and heating benefits as well as saving energy. Insulation helps to keep your indoor environment comfortable throughout the year, no matter what season it is. In summer, insulation keeps the cool air from escaping while keeping the warm air in during winter.

Apply a specialized coating – if there is no need yet, it won’t make any sense to start ripping up your shingles. By adding a cool roof coating, you’ll be able to significantly improve your energy efficiency. The coating contains reflective pigments that reflect sunlight and protects your roof from UV ray damage. It has a texture similar to a thick paint and doesn’t absorb any heat. As the name implies, your roof stays cooler which in turn keeps your home cooler. Once the roofers’crew in Napa applies the coating, the roof’s temperature will drop from an average of 150° to roughly 100°.

Select contemporary materials – eventually, you may need to replace your roof and when that time comes, you’ll want to focus on improving your energy efficiency. The materials used in the roofing industry today were developed using state-of-the-art technology. Manufacturers take certain factors into consideration such as energy and maintenance costs when manufacturing these materials. In many cases, metal panels are an ideal solution improving energy efficiency and resisting certain environmental elements such as rain and wind.

Professional roofer services in Napa will help you determine the type of roof that will maximize your indoor comfort and minimize the costs involved. That is why it is best to talk with some of the leading roofing contractors and get a quote before selecting towork with one of the companies.

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