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From roof repairs to deck installations, Modern Method Roofing is your reliable Sonoma contractor!

Sonoma is one of the most beautiful places in California, in part because of the gorgeous Spanish architectural style. When your antique roof needs a repair, choose the area’s most trusted roofing experts, Modern Method Roofing. Our experienced roofers can preserve the timeless beauty of your roof and the rest of your building by protecting it from leaks. We offer a range of solutions for your home, including roof installation, deck services, and even gutter work, ensuring your home is always at its best.

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Roof Repair vs. Replacement

How do you know if your historic roof needs repair, or if it’s time to replace it fully? Many companies will try to push you into replacing your entire roof when a more affordable repair is all that you really need. However, the experts at Modern Method Roofing have over 60 years of experience performing repairs on complex, classic roofs.

If you’ve ignored missing shingles for too long, there could be damage to the underlying layers of wood and waterproof membrane. In some instances, when the damaged area is small, Modern Method Roofing can repair and replace rotted wood. However, if the damage is extensive, it may be more prudent to replace the entire roof.

If you notice that you’re missing shingles or that you have damage in a small area, don’t wait to schedule a repair. You can save yourself a significant amount of money by scheduling regular maintenance on your roof.

Building Your Walking Decks

You may be surprised to learn that California’s wine industry started in Sonoma. A walking deck is a great way to enjoy the region’s spectacular climate, whether at a vineyard or your own home.

Modern Method Roofing can construct your walking deck out of a variety of materials. One of the primary benefits of a walking deck is that they can add valuable square footage to your home or business at a fraction of the cost of adding an interior room. They also take advantage of unused roof space that you currently have available.

Walking decks need to be sturdy to withstand foot traffic and also need to be correctly waterproofed to protect the interior of your home or building. No matter your aesthetic preferences or budget, Modern Method Roofing can help you create a beautiful walking deck to enjoy the gorgeous Sonoma weather and scenery. A glass of wine in your hand is optional.

Choose Modern Method Roofing for All of Your Roofing Needs

Modern Method Roofing is your trusted expert for repairing and replacing classic roofs on homes, vineyards, and businesses throughout Sonoma. We have over 60 years of experience maintaining traditional roofs. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll never try to oversell you on an unnecessary new roof.

If you decide to create a walking deck, or if your current walking deck needs repair, schedule a free consultation and estimate today. Don’t ignore cracks that could lead to water damage in rooms below. Catch the problem early to save yourself significant time and money.

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