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Modern Method Roofing opened its doors in Napa in 1952, and our company is privileged to call this exceptional community our home. We pride ourselves on helping customers make the most of their roofing and outdoor needs. As the leading roof installation and repair company in the area, we use over 60 years of experience to help you find the right option for your home. Not only do we specialize in roofing, but also we can help you upgrade to more energy-efficient solutions, including solar panel installations. So stop in to visit our main office here in Napa anytime or just call and schedule an appointment for your home today!

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Signs That Your Roof is Leaking

A drip from your ceiling is an unmistakable signal that your roof is leaking, but there are other telltale signs as well. If you notice a water stain on your ceiling or at the top of one of your walls, you may have water dripping through your roof. On the exterior of your home or building, you may notice water spots hidden under your roofline.

If you notice discoloration on your shingles, it could be a sign of algae or mold growth from pooling water on the roof or from a leak. Buckling or curling shingles are a sign that they could be absorbing water and may be nearing the end of their lives. You may also notice moss growing on your exterior walls, which could signal a leak in the roof or a problem with your gutters.

To diagnose the source of the water, schedule a consultation and free estimate with Modern Method Roofing. We can get to the bottom of the leak and determine if a repair is sufficient to solve the problem, or if it would be most prudent to replace the entire roof.

Eco-Friendly Options for Your Home

If you want to save money on your electric bill and protect the planet by lowering your energy consumption, solar panels are a smart choice. However, companies that are experts in photovoltaic solar panels are not often roofing experts. If an inexperienced technician installs the panels poorly, you can end up with punctures and other damage to your roof. As a result, you could end up with water damage throughout your home.

When you select Modern Method Roofing for your solar panel installation, you get experts in roofing AND solar panels. Every roof is unique, so every solar panel installation needs to be customized to each project. Our expert roofers can install your solar panels so that they function correctly, while also preserving the integrity of your roof.

Sometimes, you may want to replace your underlying roof and add solar panels atop it. In this instance, the most efficient choice is to work with a roofer who can provide both services.

Choose Modern Method Roofing for All of Your Roofing Needs

Anyone can install a roof, but not everyone can do it well. Modern Method Roofing offers Leak Proof and Long-Term roofing warranties that outshine any of our competitors.

No matter your needs, Modern Method Roofing is the right choice. Our competent professionals can repair any leak or install a brand-new roof in the material of your choice. If you want to upgrade to eco-friendly solar panels, our technicians are the right choice no matter what type of roof you currently have.

If you’re looking for a company that you can rely upon, choose Modern Method Roofing.

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