Roofing professionals of Napa, California share the signs of a roof that is rotting and what can be done to mitigate the risk of a roof rot. How Homeowners Can Tell They Have a Rotting Roof A roof is the first line of defense for any house against the changes in temperature and weather that

Napa, California-based roofing contractors share tips on keeping a clean roof. Roofing Maintenance and Tips for a Clean Roof The roof is perhaps one of the most neglected parts of the home when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Unless there is a roof leak, people may not think there is anything wrong with their

Roofing contractors of Napa, California provide tips for dealing with roof leaks Homeowners Should Take Care of Leaks Quickly to Avoid Collateral Damage Roofing makes the difference between a house and an open box. A sound roof is vital to the proper function of the home. Though they are made of resilient materials that are

Residential and commercial roofing company in Napa, CA offer guidance on filing insurance claims. Working With Insurance Companies to Manage Roof Repairs Working with an insurance company is a bittersweet process. On one hand, damage to the home or business has occurred. On the other hand, insurance will be footing the bill for repairs. Finally

Roof inspection experts in Napa, CA help homeowners spot the signs of roof damage.  How Important Are Shingles on a Roof?  For homeowners, it can feel like the whole world is against them. Every time they turn around there is another bill to pay or repair to schedule. While owning a home or business is

Roofing professionals of Napa, California share the facts behind a sagging roof and what homeowners can do about it. What Does It Mean When The Roof Is Sagging? Roofs are usually meant to be angular with straight-lined slopes coming down from a peak. When you begin to notice a sinking area in your roof, it

Roofing contractors of Napa, CA talk about the benefits of roofing that is properly fire-rated for this part of the country. The Basics of Fire-Rated Roofing Types California is known for beautiful beaches and forests, beautiful people, and natural disasters. Everyone who lives here knows about the danger of earthquakes and wildfires. Because fires are

Roofing contractors of Napa, California share the future of roofing technology with their customers. Roofing Types of the Future No matter what industry is under discussion, technology has advanced significantly over the past 100 years and has changed the landscape of business. The roofing supply and repair industry is no exception. The leaps in technology

Roofing contractors of Napa, CA share the top roofing problems and their solutions. From Roof Leaks to Tree Damage: 5 Roofing Issues That Need to Be Addressed No matter what roofing types are available in a given area, roofing repair will eventually be necessary. Whether it is residential or commercial roofing, when it comes to

Roofing contractors of California share why their customers may hear strange sounds from their roofing. Reasons and Solutions for Roof Noise There is perhaps nothing more startling than a loud, unexpected noise when you are alone in a quiet house. If you are hearing popping or banging noises at certain times of day from beyond

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