Napa, CA roofing contractors offer advice about residential and commercial gutters.  Springtime for many people is a wet season where seasonal rains fuel the growth of plants as they return from dormancy. But, in the Napa area, spring is the beginning of warm and dry summers. It may not seem like the ideal season to

Roofing contractors of California talk about roofing materials, style, and curb appeal. Considering Roof Replacement or a New Home? Here’s What to Look For! Despite the events of the past two years, the market for houses in the state of California is still very healthy. Making a home stand out among all the available options

California-based roofing contractors educate their clients about roofing terminology. What are the Different Parts of the Roof and How Do They Function? A roof is more than just a roof when it is examined by all of its parts. The typical triangular-shaped roof of elementary school drawings is all but nonexistent in today’s housing construction

Napa, CA roofing experts have all the information on roofing repair, so homeowners are always informed.  Tips For Spotting Dry Rot on a Roof When it comes to dry rot, most people have probably heard about it but for things like old clothes or towels. However, it is possible for the roof to be affected

Roofing contractors in Napa, CA share some common causes of leaky roofs and what to do about them.  The effectiveness of a roofing system is critical to maintaining a safe and comfortable home or business. Unfortunately, a roof is exposed to many hazards during its life that can compromise its integrity. Here is a quick

Napa, CA roofing contractors have important information to share regarding roof replacement.  Learning the Best Times To Replace a Roof If homeowners are going to replace a roof in the winter, Napa is probably one of the best areas in the country to do it. It is a place that welcomes mild winters that tend

Roofing contractors in Napa share information with homeowners to make roofing replacements go smoothly. How to Avoid Damage to Your Property Replacing a roof is likely one of the biggest and most expensive home repairs that a homeowner will have to do to their home. Fortunately, with the extended life of modern roofing products, they

California-based roofing contractors know the ins and outs of roof patching, repair, and replacement. Answering the Questions About Roofing Repair and Replacement With the uptick in violent storms that comes with the seasons changing, there is more concern than ever about the needs of an aging roof. Storms that bring down branches or trees onto

Napa, CA roofers have important roof flashing tips to share. Learning All About Roof Flashing It might not be necessary for every roof to have flashing on it but in most cases it is. Roof flashing is essentially a sealant. Whenever there is a perpendicular angle on the roof, flashing is put up to help

Experienced roofing contractors in Napa help homeowners decide if skylights are the right choice for their roof.  Reasons to Install Skylights One of the reasons that people live and do business in Napa is to enjoy the nearly perfect weather. What if there was something that would welcome that weather into a home or business

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