If a roofer does this, don’t let them work on your house, say roofing experts of California. Don’t Get Stuck With A Bad Contractor! Roofing repair and roofing replacement are areas of business where there is always work to be found. Unfortunately, sometimes unscrupulous people try to take advantage of homeowners by pressuring them into

California-based roofing professionals compare and contrast the three main types of asphalt shingles. Three-Tab, Architectural, and Luxury, Oh My! Eighty percent of the residential roofs in the United States are covered with some type of asphalt shingle. It has long been the most popular choice in roofing replacement due to several factors including price point,

Making the energy efficient choice in roofing is not as difficult as you might think, say California roofing contractors. Which Roofing Option is the Most Efficient? When it comes to the roof replacement on a single family home, there may not seems to be a plethora of options. If you are being energy conscious in

California roofing contractors encourage their clients to consider the benefits of green roofs. Why Green Roofs Benefit Both Individuals and Communities The aptly named green roof seems like something out of the high fantasy of J. R. R. Tolkien, a living roof that shelters a home or business. It is, in fact, reality and is

Napa, CA roofing contractors offer advice about residential and commercial gutters.  Springtime for many people is a wet season where seasonal rains fuel the growth of plants as they return from dormancy. But, in the Napa area, spring is the beginning of warm and dry summers. It may not seem like the ideal season to

Roofing contractors of California talk about roofing materials, style, and curb appeal. Considering Roof Replacement or a New Home? Here’s What to Look For! Despite the events of the past two years, the market for houses in the state of California is still very healthy. Making a home stand out among all the available options

California-based roofing contractors educate their clients about roofing terminology. What are the Different Parts of the Roof and How Do They Function? A roof is more than just a roof when it is examined by all of its parts. The typical triangular-shaped roof of elementary school drawings is all but nonexistent in today’s housing construction

Napa, CA roofing experts have all the information on roofing repair, so homeowners are always informed.  Tips For Spotting Dry Rot on a Roof When it comes to dry rot, most people have probably heard about it but for things like old clothes or towels. However, it is possible for the roof to be affected

Roofing contractors in Napa, CA share some common causes of leaky roofs and what to do about them.  The effectiveness of a roofing system is critical to maintaining a safe and comfortable home or business. Unfortunately, a roof is exposed to many hazards during its life that can compromise its integrity. Here is a quick

Napa, CA roofing contractors have important information to share regarding roof replacement.  Learning the Best Times To Replace a Roof If homeowners are going to replace a roof in the winter, Napa is probably one of the best areas in the country to do it. It is a place that welcomes mild winters that tend

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