Know Your Options When it Comes to Shopping for Different Types of Gutters

by / Sunday, 15 May 2022 / Published in Gutters

Napa, CA roofing contractors offer advice about residential and commercial gutters. 

Springtime for many people is a wet season where seasonal rains fuel the growth of plants as they return from dormancy. But, in the Napa area, spring is the beginning of warm and dry summers. It may not seem like the ideal season to think about guttering considering the lack of rain but in reality, this is the perfect season to schedule gutter replacement and roofing repairs. 

With the wetter seasons on their way out, homeowners and business owners may have noticed that their roofs or gutters struggled to handle the rainy weather. During the late spring and summer, roofers don’t have to work around the weather. This means they are ready to go to work making roof repairs and upgrading gutters. Here is a quick guide to help owners know where to start when they are considering replacing the gutters during the summer. 

Why are Gutters Necessary For Buildings and Homes?

Gutters are a necessary feature of every home and building. Regardless of the style of construction or the use of the property, gutters are necessary to make the building or home look great and stay protected from damage from the elements.  

They offer a wide variety of functions like:

  • Add aesthetic value to the structure
  • Protect landscaping around homes and businesses from water dripping off the roof
  • Prevent flooding of basements
  • Keeps water from backing up against foundations and walls on poorly drained sites
  • Protects the foundation from becoming saturated and sagging
  • Keeps entryways dry during rains

Gutters are too often overlooked as a purely aesthetic choice but they can be at the root of some serious problems around the home. If any of these problems are noticed, it may be time to get a consultation from a roofing company. 

Types of Gutters 

Since gutters are so important for every structure, there is a huge array of options to fit every budget, design style, and building material. When referring to the “type” of gutter, most often it is the profile shape that is used as a designation.

The most common shapes of gutters are:

  • K-Style: K-style gutters are probably one of the most popular styles for residential and light commercial guttering. The classic shape of k-style gutters fits into nearly any design aesthetic and the K shape lends strength to the gutter. 
  • Half-Round: Half-round gutters are a classic shape. They are shaped symmetrically like the bottom half of a circle. 
  • Box Gutters: Box gutters are a great choice for industrial buildings. They give a finished look to commercial roofing systems. 

Pros and Cons of Different Gutter Materials

The type of gutter is more about the look. The performance of gutters comes down to the material more than anything.

Most materials and their pros and cons are: 

  • Aluminum Pros:
    • No rust
    • Life expectancy of 25 years 
    • Repaintable 
  • Aluminum Cons:
    • Not the strongest material available 
  • Vinyl Pros:
    • Cheap and easy to install
    • Lots of styles to choose from
    • No rust
  • Vinyl Cons:
    • Damaged by UV light 
    • Can crack when hit by limbs or hail
  • Steel Pros:
    • Strong
    • Paintable
    • Solid choice for commercial gutters
  • Steel Cons:
    • Vulnerable to rust
  • Copper Pros: 
    • Stylish
    • No rust
    • Beautiful patina
  • Copper Cons:
    • Very expensive

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