Roofing contractors of California share tips on caring for and maintaining a roof. Stop Roof Leaks Before They Start With These Tips Everyone would love it if their roof could last forever. Most asphalt roofs last 25 years; slate and cedar shake roofs last for 100 years or more. But disasters happen that can damage

Napa, CA roofers have important roof flashing tips to share. Learning All About Roof Flashing It might not be necessary for every roof to have flashing on it but in most cases it is. Roof flashing is essentially a sealant. Whenever there is a perpendicular angle on the roof, flashing is put up to help

Experienced roofing contractors in Napa help homeowners decide if skylights are the right choice for their roof.  Reasons to Install Skylights One of the reasons that people live and do business in Napa is to enjoy the nearly perfect weather. What if there was something that would welcome that weather into a home or business

Modern Method Roofing in Napa gives great advice on updates for your home in 2021. With 2020 in the rearview, it’s time to look forward to the opportunities of 2021. Setting goals and making plans are the best thing for home and business owners to do this time of year. This year, set a goal

Roofing Contractors in Napa, CA Share Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating The Best Way to Hang Lights This Year Decorating for the holidays seems to happen early and get more extravagant every year. October hits and the decorating begins. It’s almost turned into an interior decorating fashion trend than doing it for the religious tradition

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