Safety Tips For Outdoor Light-Hanging

by / Friday, 18 December 2020 / Published in Seasonal

Roofing Contractors in Napa, CA Share Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

The Best Way to Hang Lights This Year

Decorating for the holidays seems to happen early and get more extravagant every year. October hits and the decorating begins. It’s almost turned into an interior decorating fashion trend than doing it for the religious tradition aspect. Regardless of why homeowners decorate their homes during the holidays, it is always important to be as safe and efficient as possible. Luckily, decorations have gotten naturally safer and more efficient as years have passed as well. Still, there are a few things that every homeowner should know before walking into the holiday season. These tips will ensure that the homeowner is being as safe as possible when hanging outdoor lights in particular.

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Trends May or May Not Matter

Hanging Christmas lights is a time consuming, but very rewarding process. Homeowners have really started to push the limits with what and how they hang their Christmas lights.

A few of this year’s trends include:

  • All along the roof and perimeter of the home
  • Around the outside of windows
  • Spiraling around pillars
  • Bushes and other landscaping
  • Along driveways and sidewalks

Some homeowners play with the trees in their yard as well. Specifically, weeping willows are great to make it look like it’s snowing lights in that area of the yard. This is just one example of some of the creativity homeowners are beginning to express with holiday outdoor lighting.

What About Lighting Techniques?

The one thing about outdoor light-hanging is how long it takes to complete, not to mention the fact that there is a lot of ladder climbing throughout the process. All-in-all, outdoor light-hanging is a strenuous task. That is why it is commendable to see homeowners that have truly gone all out with their creativity.

Nonetheless, there are a few techniques that can help to make the entire process a little easier.

  • Power Stakes: It is important that homeowners buy the power stakes that include a timer and remote control. It adds a level of convenience to the entire project that never existed before. When homeowners use power stakes it reduces the number of wires running through the yard as well.
  • Omni Clips: When it comes to actually hanging the lights, Omni Clips are the way to go. They are durable and versatile. Whatever surface the homeowner wants to use them on, the Omni Clips will get the job done.

Safety Tips All Homeowners Need to Know

Above all else, safety is the name of the game. At the end of the day, outdoor Christmas light-hanging is a dangerous task because it uses electricity. It is always essential that the homeowner is aware of the kind of power their home can handle. If this is something the homeowner isn’t sure how to calculate, they should call a professional to come to help them prepare their home for the influx of electricity it’s about to need.

A few other safety tips to keep in mind are:

  • Always be well-rested and focused when on a ladder or roof
  • Never go up if it just rained, snowed, is icy, or windy
  • Never use nails or screws to hang lights
  • Always buy lights that run on a timer

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