Things To Know About Roof Flashing

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Napa, CA roofers have important roof flashing tips to share.

Learning All About Roof Flashing

It might not be necessary for every roof to have flashing on it but in most cases it is. Roof flashing is essentially a sealant. Whenever there is a perpendicular angle on the roof, flashing is put up to help seal the crease between the two angles. Traditional flashing is made with galvanized metal and is extremely thin yet durable. Not only does it keep water out of the cracks in the roof but it encourages the water to move elsewhere so it doesn’t pool up in certain spots either. Any roof that has a chimney will need flashing to keep the water out.

Continue reading to learn more about flashing replacement and maintenance.

How and Where It Provides Protection

Roof flashing is necessary when roofs have any sort of perpendicular angle to them. Common areas one will see roof flashing are:

  • Chimneys
  • Vents
  • Skylights
  • Front or side walls
  • Roof edges
  • Valleys

The flashing is installed on the eaves and rakes above and below the roofing felt. Then, shingles are installed alongside to further seal any cracks in the roof. The main purpose of flashing is to make the roof water-tight. Without it, the above-stated areas of a roof would be susceptible to leakage and water build-up.

The Process of Replacing Flashing

One of the greatest things about roof flashing is how long it lasts. In most circumstances, the roof flashing won’t need to be replaced until the roof itself needs to be replaced. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the flashing will need to be replaced a bit sooner. If the homeowner never had the flashing professionally maintained throughout its lifetime, the chances are higher that it will need to be replaced sooner than the roof.

Still, the replacement process isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. A few rows of shingles will have to be replaced in the process but this is usually the worst part. If a homeowner realizes their shingles are no longer in stock, then they might be forced to compromise on a shingle color or decide to go ahead and replace the entire roof a little earlier than expected.

At the end of the day, it is up to the homeowner but it is best to talk over their options with a professional before making any big decisions.

What Flashing Maintenance Entails

Flashing maintenance isn’t something that necessarily needs to be done on a yearly schedule. However, it is recommended that homeowners have a professional come inspect the roof just have big thunderstorms or wind storms as these can damage the roof.

It is always better to have the roof and flashing professionally maintained before any leaks are found. Once leaks are found by the homeowner, they will most likely need repairs and replacements rather than maintenance.

Making maintenance a priority will potentially save homeowners from expensive repairs and potentially replacing their entire roof sooner than they anticipated.

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