Things to Consider Before Investing in Skylights

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Experienced roofing contractors in Napa help homeowners decide if skylights are the right choice for their roof. 

Reasons to Install Skylights

One of the reasons that people live and do business in Napa is to enjoy the nearly perfect weather. What if there was something that would welcome that weather into a home or business so that people could feel more connected to the rhythms of the natural world? A skylight is the answer. 

Skylights offer a variety of benefits, one of the biggest is their value in interior design. Nothing lights up a space like bright and cheerful natural lighting. Skylights can help welcome and funnel natural light into dim spaces and make them feel bigger and less claustrophobic. Increased ventilation in a room can also help the room feel more comfortable and welcoming. 

Skylights have a bad reputation for having negative impacts on energy efficiency but this can be avoided with careful planning. On the contrary, an energy strategy that utilizes skylights will be cheaper and more comfortable than just using central climate control. 

Consider the Placement of Potential Skylights

Once it is decided that skylights are a good choice in the home or business, using professionals to help determine placement will ensure that consumers are happy about their choices. Some of the questions to consider when deciding where to place skylights are:

  • Can the extra ventilation help cool and warm spaces naturally?
  • Will skylights help turn unused spaces like stairwells and hallways into more appreciated places?
  • Is morning or evening light desired in bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • Which spaces would benefit from feeling taller and more open?

Pick the Style

There are two basic styles of skylights: fixed and vented. Fixed skylights simply allow light into a space. They don’t open. Vented skylights can be raised to allow air to flow through them. There are pros and cons to both styles so it is important that considerations be given to this choice.

Vented skylights are more versatile because they can help with heating and cooling strategies in the home but their installation and upkeep may be more costly. On the other hand, if light is all that is desired, then fixed skylights will be the obvious choice. 

Choose the Material 

Skylights are glazed with two materials: glass or plastic. The choice between the two will help ensure that consumers choose the right skylight for them. Glass is the more expensive choice but it also tends to last longer and look better doing it. Plastic-based skylights are cheaper to install and may have better durability but over time the glazing may discolor, leading to distorted views of the outdoors. 

Check with Professionals to Determine Compatibility

As with most home improvement projects, always check with professionals before making any decisions. Roofers that specialize in skylights have the experience to guide anyone through the process of choosing skylights. Their trained eyes will see things that homeowners won’t notice and will ensure that everyone is happy once the project is completed. 

Always Hire the Pros

The stakes are high with skylights. Skylights that are improperly installed can lead to constant headaches on the part of the owner. Skylights have a reputation for overheating spaces and leaking water every time it rains, but this is almost always due to someone not knowing how to properly install a skylight. When professional roofing contractors with experience in skylight installation are involved, homeowners can expect complete success and satisfaction. 

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