Common Causes of Roof Leaks

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Roofing contractors in Napa, CA share some common causes of leaky roofs and what to do about them. 

The effectiveness of a roofing system is critical to maintaining a safe and comfortable home or business. Unfortunately, a roof is exposed to many hazards during its life that can compromise its integrity. Here is a quick list offered by local roofing experts that explains the cause of several types of common roofing problems. 

Leaky Skylights

One thing that people in the Napa area love to do is soak up the sun. As a result, many homes and buildings in the area are designed with multiple skylights to welcome in the sunshine. Unfortunately, skylights are notorious for being leaky. Often skylights leak due to poor installation. That is why it is important to select a qualified and licensed roofer. However, even if skylights are properly installed the sealant around them can degrade over time and begin to leak. In either case, a roofer will be required. 

Cracked Vent Boots

One of the most common spots of roof leaks is around the vent boots. If that statement doesn’t make any sense, that’s ok. Vent boots are the flexible seals that are used to keep rainwater from penetrating around plumbing and gas vents in a home or business. 

Over time, the seals will wear out and allow water in. Roofers will need to replace the vent boots. This could be as easy as slipping on a new vent or it may require the boot and accompany flashing to be replaced. Either way, the job is quick and easy and will keep the roof waterproof. 

Blocked Roof Vents or Inadequate Air Circulation 

A common misunderstanding about attic spaces is that they are to be as close to the same temperature as the outdoor temperature as possible. A home’s attic insulation works to keep the temperature in the home stable and outdoor air should be allowed to circulate in the attic to prevent condensation. 

A common “roof leak” is where condensation builds up in an attic due to poor air circulation. This is overcome by installing proper ventilation in the roof. If an attic properly ventilated by is showing signs of condensation, then the vents could be blocked. A roofer can determine the cause and either install extra vents or clear the existing vents. 

How to Respond to Roof Leaks

Quick responses are crucial when it comes to a leaky roof. The roof of a home or business is the last line of defense against the damage that nature can do to the inside of a building or home. When water infiltrates, walls and floors are ruined and harmful mold can begin to grow. Enlisting the help of a qualified and licensed roofing repair company can mitigate the damage and get things back on the right track. 

Benefits of Regular Roof Inspection

The best way to prevent damage from roofing problems is to prevent them altogether. Roof inspection, especially of commercial roofing systems, can allow a roofing company to keep tabs on the integrity of a roof. During an inspection, a roofer will inspect all of the aspects of a roofing system and make small repairs as necessary.

After a few years, they can accurately help owners determine when roofing replacement will be necessary. Most often, a yearly roof inspection can make a roof last longer with fewer problems than a roof that is neglected. 

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