Roofing contractors of Napa, California share the future of roofing technology with their customers. Roofing Types of the Future No matter what industry is under discussion, technology has advanced significantly over the past 100 years and has changed the landscape of business. The roofing supply and repair industry is no exception. The leaps in technology

Roofing contractors of Napa, CA share the top roofing problems and their solutions. From Roof Leaks to Tree Damage: 5 Roofing Issues That Need to Be Addressed No matter what roofing types are available in a given area, roofing repair will eventually be necessary. Whether it is residential or commercial roofing, when it comes to

Roofing contractors of California share why their customers may hear strange sounds from their roofing. Reasons and Solutions for Roof Noise There is perhaps nothing more startling than a loud, unexpected noise when you are alone in a quiet house. If you are hearing popping or banging noises at certain times of day from beyond

Roofing contractors of California answer why your roof is leaking, but only sometimes. Why Sometimes Leaks Are All-the-Time Problems No one likes dealing with major home repairs like roofing replacement, so when a roof is not leaking all the time we may be tempted just to ignore the problem, somehow hoping that the issue will

Homeowners who are not also roofers should avoid working on their roof, say roofing contractors of California. DIY Roof Repair Usually Ends in More Damage Roofing may seem like a fairly straightforward job, and in some ways, it is. Like every other job that requires licensing and insurance, though, there is a lot of training

Here’s what every homeowner needs to know about their roofing replacement according to California roofing professionals. A Homeowner’s Guide to Their Roof Replacement After the initial roof inspection and the date for the replacement has been set, there are several things that a homeowner needs to consider when they are getting ready for roofing contractors

Roofing contractors of California share tips on caring for and maintaining a roof. Stop Roof Leaks Before They Start With These Tips Everyone would love it if their roof could last forever. Most asphalt roofs last 25 years; slate and cedar shake roofs last for 100 years or more. But disasters happen that can damage

If a roofer does this, don’t let them work on your house, say roofing experts of California. Don’t Get Stuck With A Bad Contractor! Roofing repair and roofing replacement are areas of business where there is always work to be found. Unfortunately, sometimes unscrupulous people try to take advantage of homeowners by pressuring them into

California-based roofing professionals compare and contrast the three main types of asphalt shingles. Three-Tab, Architectural, and Luxury, Oh My! Eighty percent of the residential roofs in the United States are covered with some type of asphalt shingle. It has long been the most popular choice in roofing replacement due to several factors including price point,

Making the energy efficient choice in roofing is not as difficult as you might think, say California roofing contractors. Which Roofing Option is the Most Efficient? When it comes to the roof replacement on a single family home, there may not seems to be a plethora of options. If you are being energy conscious in

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