Intermittent Roof Leaks: What Causes Them and What To Do About Them

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Roofing contractors of California answer why your roof is leaking, but only sometimes.

Why Sometimes Leaks Are All-the-Time Problems

No one likes dealing with major home repairs like roofing replacement, so when a roof is not leaking all the time we may be tempted just to ignore the problem, somehow hoping that the issue will go away. As your average adult knows, though, problems never really go away if they are ignored, especially when it comes to home maintenance. We are going to present reasons why your roof may be leaking (but not all the time), and what you need to do about it as a homeowner.

What are the Circumstances of Intermittent Roof Leaks?

If a roof is leaking, no matter how rarely, there is most definitely a problem, even if it never leaks under the same circumstances twice. The water is still likely getting in, even if you are not noticing it and it will cause damage to drywall and structural integrity. Water seeping through also promotes mold growth which can be detrimental to household health as well as the home.

Even if the house doesn’t leak in an average rainfall, it may leak when:

  • There are high winds (horizontal rain).
  • It is hailing.
  • There are particularly heavy rains.
  • Leaves and branches have collected on the roof.

What Roof Problems Cause These Leaks?

There are many issues with roofing that can result in roof leaks. This is also why leaking may be intermittent, because of the various circumstances that arise and the ways different structures handle weather.

The areas of the roof that a roofing company might need to inspect are outlined below:

  • Age:While some roof materials (such as slate) are said to last for a century, most roofs need to  be replaced every 20 to 25 years.
  • Chimney: The chimney can crack as a result of the expansion and contraction of the heated material. This can cause the seal around the chimney to break.
  • Flashing: The metal sheets that protect the roof around the chimney piece and gables can be damaged and can cause leaks around the chimney
  • Neglecting Maintenance: If you don’t keep the roof clean and have regular roof inspection, then you will be unaware of damage if it happens. The presence of leaves and other detritus may cause moisture to stay on the roof for a long time, causing leaks.
  • Ridge Vents:Ridge vents are great for keeping attic spaces a bit more temperature regulated. They are meant to keep rain out, but if they are damaged or poorly installed, leaks can occur.
  • Skylights:While skylights are beautiful, they do tend to have seals that break down over time. They have a high incidence of leaks around them.
  • Storm Damage: Obviously, the high winds, hail, and lightning damage that come with bad storms can make the roof leak.
  • Vent Pipes: The vent pipes are an important part of the waste disposal system of the house. If they are jostled or damaged in some way, they may break seals and cause leaks.

What Is The Solution?

Well, for a certainty, ignoring an intermittent leak is not a solution. That will only make the problem more severe. The best thing to do when you find a leak is to call a roofing company right away for inspection. Don’t wait until the weather has dried up or the roofer will not be able to determine as clearly where the problem is. They can give the roof thorough check and may even have an immediate fix!

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