Worried About the Popping and Creaking Sounds Coming From Your Roof?

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Roofing contractors of California share why their customers may hear strange sounds from their roofing.

Reasons and Solutions for Roof Noise

There is perhaps nothing more startling than a loud, unexpected noise when you are alone in a quiet house. If you are hearing popping or banging noises at certain times of day from beyond the ceiling, then it may be disconcerting.Fortunately, this is typically nothing to be concerned about. This article will explain what the sounds mean and what a roofing company can do about it.

What do the Noises Mean?

Whether you would classify the noise as creaking, banging, popping or cracking, most of these sounds are normal and may come from the different components that are in a roof or attic space. Even among different roofing types, all these sounds are normal and typically are nothing to worry about. There are, however, a few things that can cause roof noise that may need a second look.  The noises usually come from one of the following things:

  • Temperature Expansion/Contraction: Mosty sounds happen early in the morning after the sun rises or in the evening after the sun sets. The heating and cooling of the various components in the roof (wood, metal, asphalt) causes slight expansion and contraction so occasionally creaks and pops are to be expected.
  • Poor Fastener Installation: In extra windy areas, fasteners may be installed as an extra form of insulation and protection for the roof. If these are absent or have been installed incorrectly, then the wind can cause them to rattle and make unnecessary noise.
  • Wildlife: If pests such as mice or squirrels have made a home in your attic space, then there may be shuffling, banging, or skittering noises from the ceiling. If you suspect a rodent problem, look for droppings and call pest control for help in removal.
  • Structural issues: If these startling noises are accompanied by cracks in the ceiling or walls, then some sort of roofing maintenance may be needed. It is possible that roofing repair or roofing replacement is in order. Worse, it could be a foundation issue.

What Can Be Done About Them?

Despite the fact that these noises are usually completely benign, there are things that a roofer can do to help make the sounds less extreme.  There are ways to insulate against the sound and to brace the roofing structure so that the expansion and contraction is slightly more supported and is less noisy.

The three options that are normally pursued are:

  • Diagonal supports
  • Expanding foam insulation
  • Install fasteners

Diagonal supports attach to the trusses in a V or W pattern restricting movement without causing structural issues. Foam insulation can act as a sound barrier, and the more the better. Foam insulation is a good choice for sealing small spaces or just assisting in upstairs spaces where the noise may be the worst.  Fasteners, as previously discussed, may help prevent wind noise and damage to the roof.

Getting A Roof Inspection

If you as a homeowner are concerned about the noises that are coming from your roof, there is an easy solution. Call reputable roofers and have them do an inspection. They will be able to give you advice about whether or not the sounds need immediate attention.

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