Fixing The 5 Most Common Roofing Problems

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Roofing contractors of Napa, CA share the top roofing problems and their solutions.

From Roof Leaks to Tree Damage: 5 Roofing Issues That Need to Be Addressed

No matter what roofing types are available in a given area, roofing repair will eventually be necessary. Whether it is residential or commercial roofing, when it comes to roofing maintenance and roof repair, there are common problems that come up that will likely be faced by every property owner at one point or another. The common issues that may come up with any roof and the solutions to those problems are outlined below.

Problem #1: The Roof Leak

This is really the symptom that has its source in all the other problems that come from the daily wear and tear on a roof. The biggest difficulty with leaks is that they are often subtle and go unnoticed until there is already water damage in the home.It can be difficult even for a roofer to identify the source of the leak if it is small and unobtrusive. Finding the source of the leak is critical to repair. A slapdash quick fix will rarely, if ever, work. 

Leaks can be the result of:

  • Wind Damage: The wind can lift shingles, breaking the seal and forcing precipitation underneath.  The seal cannot be fully repaired without removing the damaged shingles.
  • Storm Damage: This can be due to hail or lightning causing damage during a storm.
  • Roof Age: If the roof is getting older or has been around for more than 30 years, it is time for a roof inspection to determine if the roof still has integrity.
  • Freezing Damage: Ice and snow can be particularly brutal on a roof. Melting slowing so that moisture stays on the roof, ice can sometimes refreeze and cause more damage than the standing water.

Problem #2: Flashing Damage

Flashing is the flexible metal sheeting that surrounds chimneys, attic vents, and other structures that may protrude from the roof. It is an important item to help seal the gaps around these roof irregularities and prevent leaking, but just like any other part of the roof, neglect or just wear and tear can cause this flashing to curl or break. Fixing this may involve taking off some of the shingles out along with the flashing before replacing it. If a homeowner is not confident in this, they should call in a roofing company.

Problem #3: Shingle Damage

Roofers encounter shingle damage practically every day. Exposure to the weather and the harsh sun takes its toll. As the roof ages, shingles lose their seal and can break or begin losing the granules that serve as protection against the sun’s ultraviolet light. Sometimes a few shingles can be removed and replaced, but often shingle damage is significant and widespread enough on the roof to require roofing replacement. This job should only be done by professional roofers as the damage from an untrained installation can be detrimental to the home.

Problem #4: Clogged Gutters

Nobody wants to clean the gutters, but clogged gutters can actually have an effect on the status of your roof. If the gutters are not cleaned regularly, water may not be able to drain as well from the roof, leaving standing water on the roof. This can leave the roof open for more damage. Keeping the gutters clean is not just about appearances.

Problem #5: Tree Damage

Tree damage can be just as significant as the worst storm damage, and often they are combined. This is really more of a problem of prevention rather than repair.

Here are a few tips for keeping the roof clean of debris that can cause damage later:

  • Keep the roof swept clean of leaves and small branches.
  • If a tree is hanging over the roof, trim it back to prevent the limbs from causing damage in high winds.
  • Be vigilant about checking the roof and your yard’s trees for damage.

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