The Most Common Do-It-Yourself Roofing Mistakes

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Homeowners who are not also roofers should avoid working on their roof, say roofing contractors of California.

DIY Roof Repair Usually Ends in More Damage

Roofing may seem like a fairly straightforward job, and in some ways, it is. Like every other job that requires licensing and insurance, though, there is a lot of training involved when learning to do roofing correctly. This is not the job of the weekend DIYer. There are many other things involved. This is why roofing is not a job that should be done by the average homeowner because many of the most common mistakes tend to make the problem (particularly roof leaks) even worse. This article will highlight those major roofing mistakes and explain why you should hire a professional roofer.

DIY Mistakes in Roofing Maintenance

Even if you have no leaks and your roof is working well, there may be a need for roof maintenance. While it is good to regularly clean off leaves and the like from the roof, sometimes you need a roofing expert to lend a hand for a roof inspection.

Otherwise, you may find yourself making the following mistakes:

  • Not trimming trees far enough away from the roof
  • Neglecting removal of leaves, moss, or fungal growth from the roof
  • Pulling up shingles to investigate leaks or sagging roof sections. 
  • Power washing the roof which can cause more leaks

If these things are not taken care of, the roof can be damaged to the point of needing a full roofing replacement.

DIY Mistakes in Roofing Repair and Replacement

If you do need a repair or replacement on your roof, it can be very tempting to go to the roofing supply by yourself and just purchase what you think you will need. This, of course, seems like a good idea, but it is likely to end in disaster. There are many different roofing types and each type has its own installation needs. This is one of the ways a homeowner can mess up is by buying the wrong stuff.

A few other installation faux pas are included in the following list:

  • Forgetting to Get Permits: Permits are often needed for any sort of building, including roofing. The professionals know when they are needed and when they are not.
  • Placing New Shingles Over Old Ones: This is just a recipe for problems. It does not save a step, only makes the roof heavier and more prone to problems.
  • Wrong Number of Nails: If too many or too few nails are used in the roofing, leaks can be added instead of fixed.
  • Misplaced Shingles: Shingles that are not placed correctly can lead to further problems.
  • Forgetting Ventilation: If the attic and roof are not properly vented, moisture and heat can be trapped causing problems with temperature regulation and mold or mildew.

Why You Should Always Call the Professionals

When it comes to roof leak repair in both residential and commercial roofing, you should always call a reputable roofing company. Not only are they trained to do the job correctly the first time, but they also have the proper equipment for the job. They are also required by law to have insurance that covers accidents that can happen in such a dangerous environment. This keeps both the company and the homeowner safe from extra expense.

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