How to File an Insurance Claim for Roof Repair

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Residential and commercial roofing company in Napa, CA offer guidance on filing insurance claims.

Working With Insurance Companies to Manage Roof Repairs

Working with an insurance company is a bittersweet process. On one hand, damage to the home or business has occurred. On the other hand, insurance will be footing the bill for repairs. Finally all the premium payments over the years are being put to good use!

Too often the stress of navigating the repair process is more upsetting than the damage. When it comes to roofing repairs, this is the story that repeats itself for many owners. It seems that most often, owners don’t know how to expedite the insurance claim process and they end up being endlessly juggled between claims experts and unscrupulous roofing contractors. All the while, their home is subject to damage from the elements.

Getting some satisfaction from the insurance companies is easier than ever when owners understand the process. Here are some tips from local roofing contractors that make the whole process run more smoothly.


Insurance companies are constantly on their guard against fraud. This helps them better apply the pooled premiums of owners to pay for repairs that are necessary. Unfortunately, being on their guard against fraud can make it a real pain for owners suffering from roof damage. The best way to start the claims process is with documentation of the damage.

Start documentation by taking pictures of the damage as soon as possible. Insurance companies track storms so they know when roof damage was likely to occur from the weather. Make sure the digital pictures have dates and times associated with them. If weather didn’t cause the roof damage, keep track of any paperwork associated with the roof or repairs on the home.

Get an Expert Opinion

When calling in an insurance claim on the roof, get experts involved very early in the process. Documenting roof damage can be dangerous for an owner so calling an expert can allow them to provide the documentation. While they are inspecting the damage, they can also generate an estimate about what they think the cost of repairs may be.

Insurance companies have to protect their bottom line. Unfortunately this often means they try to undercut the owners and give them barely enough money to make repairs with the cheapest labor and materials. Having an estimate in hand from a qualified roofer makes it more likely that they will reimburse the owner for damages according to the exact specifications of a roofing contractor. Even though they will likely send an adjuster out to inspect the damages, knowing the costs upfront takes away their bargaining power with the contractor that will perform the repairs.

Consider the Cost

Roof replacement and repairs can be high-dollar projects. On the insurance market, this means that premiums and deductibles have risen over the years, making it difficult for owners to decide whether to foot the bill for repairs themselves or pay the deductible. Owners should take some time to familiarize themselves with their insurance policy to determine if the cost of repairs is close to the deductible. If small repairs are all that is necessary, it may be easiest to skip the claim process altogether. If repairs will be several thousand dollars, paying the deductible for complete repairs will be the best option.

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