Fix Minor Roof Leaks With A Few Easy Steps

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Roofing contractors of Napa, California share tips for DIY roof repair and why bigger jobs should be left to the pros.

How To Find And Fix A Roof Leak

A roof leak can be an insidious problem that causes damage throughout the house, both cosmetically and structurally. Beyond water damage, leaks can promote mold and mildew growth that can affect the health of the household as well. It allows in those natural elements that homes are meant to be kept out. If the roofing problem is small, a homeowner may be able to take care of the roof repair by themselves in a fairly short amount of time. A roofing repair process can be described in three steps: finding the leak, repairing the leak, and knowing when to call in a roofer.

Step #1: Investigation to Find the Leak

Unfortunately, leaks are sometimes very difficult to pinpoint. Where they show up in the interior of the home does not necessarily correlate with where the water is getting in through the roof. This is why the roof and attic space need to be thoroughly inspected in order to guarantee success. 

The search should be done as listed below:

  • Check the roof for obvious damage like missing or broken shingles and flashing.
  • Look inside the attic with a flashlight in order to find the path the water is taking.
  • If you are able to identify the problem spot, you can prepare to repair it.

Note that it is often easier to find the leaks in the attic if you wait until it rains to look for the leak.

Step #2: Roof Leak Repair in Stages

Again, if a homeowner is able to  locate the source of the leak and has a few simple tools and supplies, they should be able to do the job themselves, although hiring a professional for any job can give a homeowner full confidence in the result.

Let’s look at the steps to follow for DIY roofing repair:

  • Gather Tools: Making sure that you have the right tools for the job including a roofing hammer, shears and/or utility knife, and a sheet metal handbrake is essential for getting the job done correctly.
  • Gather Materials: Make sure you have sealant, replacement shingles, roofing nails, and flashing.
  • Review Safety: Make sure you can be safe with ladders and on your roof.
  • Replace Shingles: Remove the old, damaged shingles and nail down new shingles, being sure to overlap them properly. Use sealant if necessary.
  • Replace Flashing: Remove the damaged flashing and replace it as the other piece was placed, using nails only where the flashing will be covered and using sealant for the exposed places.

This completes the repair.

Step #3: When It’s Time To Call a Roofing Company

If a homeowner is at all concerned about how to proceed with the repair, then they should definitely call a roofing professional. Any repair that requires more than a few replacement shingles and some sealant should be done by a pro. This will provide confidence and security for the homeowner and the household. Get regular roof inspections in order to keep your roof in the best possible shape.

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