Why Avoid DIY Roof Repairs and Hire Professional Contractors instead

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There are a lot of DIY projects that you can do around the home in order to save a few bucks. For instance, you can add more insulation in the attic, change you’re HVAC air filter, paint the kid’s bedrooms, repair leaky sink pipes, switch from incandescent to LED lighting, and weather strip your doors and windows. However, you should avoid getting up on your roof to do any repair work. Here are 3 reasons to call on professional roof repairs contractors in Napa instead.

Saving Time

Have you ever noticed how fast a NASCAR driver gets in and out of the pits during a race? The crew only needs an average of 12 seconds to refuel the vehicle and change all 4 tires. You’re probably wondering “What on earth does this have to do with roof repairs?” If you stop and think about it, this analogy isn’t that far off the mark. In order to repair your roof properly and safely, it takes time and a specific set of skills. For instance, if it starts raining in the middle of a job, professional roof repairs crews in Napa know how to cover everything and avoid any problems.

Saving Money

The reality is that there is far too much at stake for you to try and tackle any roof repair as a DIY project. The only true ways to save money to save money on DIY repairs is to:

• purchase the right materials
• seal the roof so it’s 100% watertight
• don’t void your roof warranty
• avoid creating any future repair problems

Unlike flushing your water heater out, repairing a broken pipe, or replacing a sink faucet, roof repairs shouldn’t be viewed as a DIY task. Without the proper experience, skills, and training, you might not know how to find a leak in the first place. The best way to keep your roof watertight and make it last for years, as well as save a lot of hassle and money, is by calling a reputable roof repairs service in Napa. Not only are they licensed, insured and bonded but they ensure that all the work is done as per the building code of the state. This is an important criteria that is needed to be considered.

Save Yourself

Roofing repair and replacement involves walking on a sloped service (in most cases) and working one or more stories above the ground. Consequently, it is continually ranked as one of America’s most dangerous professions. There’s quite a difference between bumping your head under the sink while replacing a pipe and falling one or more stories from your roof.

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