Best Practices for a Multi-Family Housing Roofing Project

by / Wednesday, 15 July 2020 / Published in Roofing Systems

Roofers in Napa, CA Share Tips for Handling Multi-Family Roofing Projects

How to Have a Successful Roofing Experience in a Multi-Family Housing Unit

A multi-unit property is a type of housing with two or more residential units under one roof. Multi-family housing has many benefits, such as affordability and social opportunities. The maintenance of these properties is the responsibility of the owner, who might in turn hire a property manager to care for the house and yard.

If you are a property manager or the owner of a multi-unit property, it’s important to know how to handle major changes on your property, such as a new roof installation.

Regular Roof Inspections Prevent Costly Repairs

The best way to deal with an expensive roof installation is to avoid it in the first place. You can do this by regularly examining your roof and looking for symptoms of wear and tear. Some signs your roof needs repair include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked or curling shingles
  • Moss or algae growth
  • Sagging
  • Heavy icicle formation

You should examine the roof yourself periodically, especially after bad weather, and get a roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor once a year.

Keep Residents in the Loop

An important part of multi-unit property management is communication. Listen to the residents if they note damage to the roof or complain of leaks. Make sure they know you are aware of the problem and will get it fixed. If you plan to hire a roofing company, let your residents know they can expect to see strangers on the property during the inspection and installation.

Set Specific Hours

Your roofing company will work with you to set specific hours to inspect your roof and/or replace the roof. When you have a scheduled roof installation, make sure the residents of your property know what to expect; simply let them know what day and time the roofers will be there. This will allow them to plan for the noise and stress of the roofing activity, especially if they have children or pets. Communicating with your residents will go a long way toward establishing trust.

Don’t Skimp; Use Quality Materials

Some multi-family housing owners or managers might be accused of skimping on repairs, always opting for the cheapest materials and labor. Don’t be that guy.

Any roofing contractor worth their salt will assure you that avoiding quality materials will only cause problems in the long run. Cheap roofing products won’t weather well, costing more money in repairs down the road. Instead, choose high quality roofing materials installed by an experienced roofing company, and you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: New shingles will deflect the sun’s rays, keeping the home cooler during the summer. Also, a new roof will prevent warm air from escaping the house during the winter. Look for the savings on your utility bills!
  • Safety: An old, damaged roof is more likely to leak, which could affect the home’s structure, ultimately leading to dangerous sagging and even collapse.
  • Property value: A new roof installation is considered a capital improvement, meaning you can write it off on your taxes and increase the value of your property.
  • Curb appeal: A new roof is highly attractive, which should please potential renters and visitors alike.

For advice on roof installation, call a roofing company that can inspect your roof and recommend high quality materials for a replacement.

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