Factors That Contribute To the New Roof Price

by / Sunday, 30 September 2018 / Published in Tips

After getting multiple roofing quotes, the real task of comparing the roofing services begins. As the prices vary, you might be confused about the difference in roof replacement costs. Additionally, to take a decision about selecting the right roofing contractor is another aspects to consider. You need to look at the insurance, license and reputation of the roofing contractor but the bid details, materials to be used, scope of the replacement and the total cost to complete the project are the key considerations. Thus, to help you stay aware, here are the major factors that will affect the cost of roof replacements.

Size of the roof: Most of the roofing experts in Napa will take accurate measurements in roofing squares, where 1 square equals 100 sq. feet. That is why roofing material is sold in the same measures.The roofing contractor will give you an estimate in the same measurements.

Roof slope: The pitch or slope of the roof plays an important part in contributing to the cost of the roof.To start with a steep roof that is over 6:12 slope is dangerous to walk on and that is why it needs more safety and staging to complete. That adds to the cost. Additionally, based on the roofing type that is installed, the fire safety needs and the pitch determines the way the underlayment system has to be installed. Usually, a composition shingle roofing with a higher slope will need two layers of the underlayment, while the flat roof needs a better fire rating.

Removing old roof: Removing the old roof might take time and adds to the labor costs for removal and dump charges to dispose the debris.This is calculated by the weight of the material.Thus, the number of layers that are being removed will add to the price.

Type and material of new roof: There is a lot of difference between the varied roof material and its prices. The estimate provided by the roofing company depends upon the weight, longevity, durability and design of the new roof. For a sloping roof, asphalt shingles are the basic material that is used, while the advanced dimensional shingles options include clay and concrete tiles, wood shake, synthetic roofing and slate which cost more. If you need a flat roof, the prices vary on hot mop built roofs, coatings, TPO products and PVC systems in single ply.

Access to the roof: For the pricing of the roofing job, access to the roof is a key consideration.If the access is easy, the price will be lower than if the access is tough. Difficult access to the roof means that the removal, loading and staging of the roof till completion will need additional equipment and safety gear. Thus, it is important to consult the roofing contractor in Napa and get quotes before you start the work on the roof.

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