What Are The Frequently Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage?

by / Monday, 27 May 2019 / Published in Tips

Most people know that leaks and water damage along the walls and ceiling are never a good sign. When homeowners spot such a sign, they will generally call in a roofer to hunt down the leak in order to prevent further damage to their roof and the general structure of the building.

However, there are also other signs which point toward a damaged roof which are quite often overlooked or written off as no big deal. This can be dangerous since unfixed damages can easily spread and have costly and devastating consequences. In order to help you address damages quickly, we have put together a list of some of the most frequently overlooked signs of damages.

Do you frequently hear or see animals walking across your roof?

Living in a house with a roof that is frequented by animals often points toward severe roof damages. We say this because animals tend to love to hide out in small cavities, such as severely damaged parts of the roof. So when you start to hear animals skittering across your roof on the regular, you may want to go investigating. There is likely to be an easily accessible broken part of your roof up there somewhere.

Do you hear whistling whenever it’s windy outside?

If you can feel air flow indoors even when all windows and doors are closed, or if you can hear mysterious whistling sometimes while the trees outside are swaying in the wind, then you will likely have a damaged roof. The damage doesn’t have to be too severe to create air flow, which can make it hard to locate for Roof Repairs in Napa. You will likely need to investigate thoroughly to find the origin of the problem.

Are there mysterious black spots on your roof?

The vast majority of homeowners will simply ignore the early warning signs of damage, such as black spots, despite them being an indicator of much bigger issues, such as mold or leaks. It is foolish to overlook these signs since the fixing of larger issues is far more costly and dangerous. Be smart by getting the smaller problem fixed right away as a preventative measure.

Are the shingles on your roof buckling?

Where a missing shingle is quickly spotted, buckling shingles are significantly harder to find and address. In comparison to other warning signs on this list, they may seem easy to spot, but in actuality, they are just as difficult to identify. In most cases, the buckling will only be noticed when someone has to access the roof from the outside, which is a rather rare occurrence for most. That is one of the reasons that calling in professionals is essential.

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