Healthy Gutters, Healthy Roof!

by / Wednesday, 06 September 2017 / Published in Tips

Your gutter system may not be something you normally think about, but consider this: if the water drainage from your roof gets caught in your gutter system and has nowhere to go, you may be setting yourself up for a roof leak, say professionals at local Napa roofing companies.

A healthy roof system includes a healthy gutter system. Your roof relies on proper drainage and your gutter provides the passage of all that water away from your home. Your gutters give rain and runoff safe drainage to prevent pooling, leaks, and water damage. They provide moisture protection for the siding, fascia, and foundation of your home. Keeping your gutter system clear of debris is important to ensure that the water draining from your roof gets carried away expeditiously.

A clogged gutter will hold onto the water right up against your home and can mean potential wood rot. As your gutter overflows with each rain or storm system, the water will pool back onto the roof. This can move under the shingles, cause shingle damage, and continue to hold moisture in the plywood that forms your roof’s foundation. This can cause roof sags, leaks, and cracks.

Napa roofing companies suggest you do an annual inspection of your gutter system. Not only are these catch all areas for leaves and debris, but can also become places where plants begin to grow. Debris that breaks down in your gutter system can provide a nutrient rich haven for anything from fungi to weeds. It can also become a habitat for insects and animals. Mosquitoes lay eggs in shallow, stagnant water. Bees and wasps often find gutters a perfect place for nests. Birds will often utilize gutter areas for their nests.

Your overflowing gutters can also damage the gutter system itself. A gutter system is meant to move water but not designed to hold excessive weight that may develop from accumulated standing water and debris. A heavy gutter will eventually lead to leaks and sags which can invariably render the system useless and require costly repairs or replacement.

Before your clogged gutters damage your roof, invest in a gutter inspection and cleaning. There are many companies in the area that will clean your gutters for a reasonable charge. They will perform a visual inspection of the system and the roofline and then remove any accumulated debris.

If you have found that your roof has been compromised by a faulty or clogged gutter system, call the professionals at Modern Method Roofing. We have served as one of Napa’s premier roofing companies for over 63 years. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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