How a Homeowner Can Benefit from Installation of Metal Roof

by / Saturday, 30 June 2018 / Published in Tips

After New Orleans experienced the terrible Hurricane called Katrina, the construction industry began to prepare for future hurricanes of a similar size. One nail maker developed a new type of nail. It was supposed to do a better job of holding down the nailed materials in a home, such as roofing.
Of course homeowners now have an alternate way for acquiring a stronger roof. That alternate approach involves installation of a stronger roof. It is one that contains metal. Metal roofs are stronger, and each of them can resist formation of cracks. Furthermore, their durability has not been challenged; each of them can last up to 50 years.

Roofs made with metal have proved reliable.

That reliability has been tested in laboratory settings that copy the conditions associated with terrible storms. Under such conditions, the tested roofing withstood wind speeds as great as 150 miles per hour. The roofing contractors in Napa had not been forced to use any sort of special nail, in order to achieve that result.

Metal roofing has become available in a variety of profiles

Not every homeowner wants to live under a rooftop covered in asphalt shingles; some prefer to live under tile or slate roofing. Now metal roofs can be designed to copy the profile created by any of those three materials. In addition, a metallic roof can come in a range of different colors.

Roofs made from metal are easy to maintain

The homeowner does not have to check for cracks, because that strong roofing does not crack. The homeowner does not have to sweep the rooftop, because few particles settle on the metallic surface. At this point in time, the homeowner does not have to plan for a replacement, due to the roof’s long lifespan (50 years).

The newer rooftop covering helps to reduce energy bills

The roof’s metallic surface reflects the sun’s rays. At the same time, it reflects the sun’s heat. Consequently, less heat gets into the home’s attic. When less heat gets into a home’s attic, then the same home stays cooler for longer. Obviously, a cooler residence will not need to have an air conditioner running for long periods of time.

What about the weight of such roofing?

In the past, the weight of metal has forced builders to forego construction of homes with metallic roofs. Today, however, even metal objects can be made lighter. That is due to introduction of lighter materials such as carbon composite, which demonstrates a metal’s strength and durability.
Hence, builders no longer have the same worries about a wall’s ability to support metals. Present-day materials can mimic a metal’s strength without being heavy. That fact explains the appeal of the new product, which builders can use to cover rooftops.

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