The Importance Of Attic Ventilation

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The proper installation of a roofing system relies on more than just hanging shingles. Regardless of weather, appropriate attic ventilation plays an important role in the longevity of your roof. Napa roofing companies know why proper attic ventilation is important for a home’s roof and how it can prevent expensive issues from occurring.

One of the best ways to keep a roof system working as intended and to avoid issues is to install appropriate attic ventilation. Proper ventilation ensures a balanced system. The ventilation inside your attic allows fresh air to enter at the soffit or eave of the roof. It will also remove hot, moist air via the ridge or vents. Hot, moist air that accumulates in the attic can cause many issues. Your local Napa roofing contractor can install the proper venting to ensure that your attic is properly ventilated by various means:

● Ridge vents — a ventilation strip that is placed along the ridge line of the home
● Soffit vents/Insulation Baffles — ventilation of airflow at a point of entry and point of exit
● Whole house/powered attic fans — draws the air out of the attic and exhausts it to the exterior of the home
● Gable vents — installed at the gable ends, these are louvered vents that allow air to be drawn out of attic

Reduces Moisture

Proper ventilation will help reduce damaging moisture that can build up in the attic space. This moisture has the potential to damage the roof framing if left unchecked.

Energy Savings

Heat that builds up in an attic space can create extra work for a home’s air conditioning system. When heat builds up, AC units will need to work harder to keep a home at temperature, most specifically any area directly below the attic. This will show up as higher energy costs.

Prevents Shingle Damage

High heat in the attic will cause shingles to prematurely age and deteriorate. Most shingle manufacturers strongly recommend appropriate attic ventilation to ensure the life of their product.

It’s unfortunate that, according to Napa roofing companies, most homes today are not properly ventilated. This consistently results in rot, mold, energy loss, and roof system degradation. The most effective way to ensure attic ventilation is to install appropriate vents in the attic space. Intake ventilation is important in ensuring that exhaust vents will function correctly.

If you have questions about attic ventilation, call the roofing contractors that Napa has come to trust, Modern Method Roofing. We would be glad to do a full inspection of your attic and make suggestions as to how you can ensure the longevity of your roof system with a properly vented attic.


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