Know More about Important Roofing Projects

by / Tuesday, 18 September 2018 / Published in Tips

For most homeowners and business owners, don’t care about the roof as long as it does not leak or there are no signs of any shingle and tile damage. Most people don’t take time out to consider the improvements that can be done for the roofing and rain gutter system. Here are a simple projects that you can tackle to enhance the functional and value of the roofing and gutter system:

Roof tune-up: It is important that the roofing system and needs to be done on annual basis so that the roofing manufacturer doesn’t void the warranty of the roof. With a roof tune-up, you can ensure that the life expectancy of the roof is improved by 20% and eliminate the leaks. With a roof maintenance program, resealing of the roof flashings and painting, clearing debris on roof, drains and gutters, repair of the shingles/tiles is done.
Installation of the Skylight:This is a cost effective method of ensuring light into the hallways and rooms. By allowing natural light into the house, you can reduce the amount of electricity used within the day. Ensure that only quality tubular skylights are installed.

Install rain chain in the gutters: This is an often over-looked aspect of adding curb appeal to your home. Available in copper, steel and aluminum they are a perfect alternative to downspouts. They are good when it is incorporated at the entryway. They lend a beautiful and aesthetically appealing look to the house and works well with all homes. Additionally, as the chains come in varied patterns, you can check which one suits your home.

Rain gutter guards: Installation of gutter guards ensures that there is low buildup of debris in the gutters and that helps to keep them unclogged in the rainy weather. Installing the guards will ensure that there is lower damage to the roof and future repair costs are lowered. This is because it keeps the gutters clean.

Rain barrel saves water: Installing a rain barrel to collect and store the mineral rich rainwater from the roof will ensure that it can be used for the landscaping requirements. These durable containers are made of wood or plastic and sizes vary from 55 gallons to 1000s of gallons capacity. As one inch of rainfall can leave homeowners with nearly 600 gallons of rainwater, it is important to conserve the natural resources. For landscaping irrigation, it helps to use rain barrels on your property.

For cleaning and maintenance of the rain gutters, downspouts and keeping a check on the condition of the roof, it becomes important to call in the professionals from a roofing company in Napa as they understand the nuances of the roofs.

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