Making The Right Choice When It Comes To Picking Out Your Residential Roofing

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Installing new roofing is a big investment that requires a lot of planning on the homeowner’s part in order to get the most for their money. There are different types of roofs as well as many different roofing companies to choose from. You will want high quality work and materials that still fit into your budget. Picking the cheapest option is rarely the right way to go since sloppy installation and poor materials will not just look back, they will also come with a short lifespan and will likely impact your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

What is rolled roofing?

When your roofer in Napa talks about rolled roofing, they are referring to a roof that is made up of long rectangular sheets made up of thin roof covering. It is far from pretty and will last you no more than five to eight years, but it also the cheapest method you will find out there. This type of roofing can be found in most hardware stores, but you will very rarely find it on an actual residential building out there. The only structures such roofing is really used for is outbuildings, such as sheds or tree houses.

What is asphalt roofing?

One of the most popular roof types out there is asphalt roofs. Asphalt shingles are extremely durable, very much affordable to most residents, and thus the best option for a lot of different homeowners. Because of this, you will find them pretty much everywhere. Fortunately, asphalt shingles also match the vast majority of housing styles. Their lifespan can fall anywhere between twenty and fifty years, depending on maintenance and weather conditions. Cheaper asphalt shingles of a darker color will often experiencing discoloration when exposed to the sun as well as cracking, but asphalt shingles of higher quality will not have the same problem.

What are cedar shakes?

They look great, they are exceptionally durable, but they are also rather expensive compared to other options. Yes, we are talking about cedar shakes. The current estimated cost of cedar shakes comes in at $9 per square foot, which makes them one of the more upscale options out there. In order to get the maximum lifespan of sixty years out of these shakes, you will also need to prepare yourself for scheduling regular roofing maintenance. However, even with maintenance, you will slowly see the color of the shakes turn to a still pleasant gray.

It is essential to have licensed and experienced roofing services do the job on your roof. Thus, ensure that you ask for credentials and read online reviews before you hire the services of roofers in Napa.

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