Your Roof May Be Asking For Help

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Your roof may be trying to tell you something. Roofing contractors here in Napa know what to look for. Now, as a homeowner, you will know what your roof is trying to tell you.

Here are the small whispers of a roof in need:

Ceiling Water Spots

Ceiling water spots could be a roof leak…or not. These can be caused by a variety of things from plumbing to windows. But if the spots only appear or grow in size after a rain, chances are the roof is your culprit. Water stains on the ceiling tend to look like brown rimmed puddles and should be watched carefully for mold and moisture. When water intrudes, you may see leaks around chimneys and vents as well.

Water Spots on Exterior Walls

If you are detecting water spots on your exterior walls, it could mean that the flashing where the roof meets a wall could be loose, damaged or rusted. Damaged flashing can be caused by drying and cracking or improper installation. Watch to see if the spots get worse after a rain,

Shingle Granules in Gutter and Downspouts

Shingle granules do loosen and will come off. But if you see a large amount has been washed down your downspout after a rain, the shingles are degrading and aging.

Cracking, Cupping, Buckling, or Missing Shingles

When shingles have lost that protective coating of granules, the next thing to happen is continual aging of the shingles. This will show up as cracking, buckling, and cupping and can leave you at risk for water intrusion and roof leaks. Cupping shingles can happen when there is no ventilation in the attic and the roof becomes too hot. Missing shingles may mean the sealant has become old and brittle and caused the shingles to fail, leaving your roof exposed to risk of leaks. Roofing contractors in Napa will tell you it’s time for those shingles to be replaced.

Algae or Mold

If you are seeing mossy or moldy exterior walls, it could indicate a problem with gutters or downspouts. Even though these are not technically part of the roof, they are an important part of your roofing system as they remove water and move it away from the roof. If a gutter or downspout is leaking, water can begin to accumulate.

If your roof is leaking, it may be complex to pinpoint. A slow leak can be much more problematic to find than a large one. Leaking water also has a tendency to follow attic lines and roof panels or drip into insulation instead of just moving straight downward. If you are seeing telltale signs of water intrusion, the actual leak could be nowhere near the symptoms you are seeing.

There are many reasons that a roof can leak and subtle hints can help you detect a problem in the making. Napa roofing contractors suggest the best way to keep leaks and roof problems at bay is to schedule regular roof inspections and perform preventative roofing maintenance when an issue is detected.

If you have questions about your roofing problems, call the experts at Modern Method Roofing. As professional roofing contractors, we have served the Napa area for over 63 years with customer centric roofing solutions and are the ones to call when your roof is asking for help.

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