Roofing FAQs

For Frequently Asked Questions, check here to see if there are some solutions to roofing needs.

Q: Do I need to be home when the work is being performed on my home?
A: No. You do not need to be home while the work is being performed but you do need to make yourself available via phone if any questions should arise.

Q: Do I need to take time off of work while work is being performed on my home.
A: We do not recommend taking time off of work. Our schedules sometimes change at the last minute due to; weather conditions, changes in scope of work, material availability etc.

Q: Do you need to get inside of the house?
A: Under normal circumstances we do not need to get inside of the house unless we are installing a Skylight.

Q: What do you need access to when you are working on my house?
A: We need access to a standard 120V electrical outlet and water. On older homes we like to have access to the circuit breaker just in case a fuse gets tripped while we are running our equipment.

Q: What happens if you find dry rot on my job?
A: If rotted or damaged wood is found on your house it will be removed so the extent of the damage is revealed and then an assessment by the job foreman will estimate how much of what kind of wood and how long it will take MMR to perform the repairs. You will be contacted by a MMR representative on the estimated costs associated with the repairs and a change order to the original contract will be created. No work will be performed without your approval.

Q: Does MMR have to do the dry rot repairs?
A: No. MMR does not have to do the dry rot repairs. A third party can be contracted in to do the repairs and the third party will assume the responsibility of the roof substrate, water-tightness and scheduled inspections by the city and MMR.

Q: Is a White colored roof going to make my house cooler than a Black colored roof?
A: Yes, but if your house has adequate insulation and ventilation, that temperature difference is going to be so minimal that you will get more enjoyment when installing the color of roof that you enjoy looking at as opposed to installing a color that you perceive as being cooler and do not like.

Q: What kind of insurance does MMR have?
A: MMR has full Liability and Workman’s compensation and states who our carriers are on all of our contracts. We encourage contacting any contractors insurance carriers that you are interested in hiring and checking the status and extent of their policies.

Q: Does MMR have special insurance to cover Home Owners Associations?
A: Yes, our insurance policies have additional coverage to include work on HOA’s.

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