Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

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A homeowner might think that a roof inspection needs to be completed by someone with an expert knowledge of roofs. In fact, some portion of a homeowner’s time can set aside, in order to allot time for a DIY roof inspection. Here are details about the two parts to that DIY project.

Steps to follow when inspecting the interior section of the roof

Don a pair of boots, grab a flashlight and go to the attic. Look for any sign of sunlight. If the sun’s rays can get through a crack, then the rain can too. Turn on the flashlight and look for evidence of dark streaks or stains. Those are signs of moisture. A good roof should keep moisture out of the space that is found directly underneath the roofing (the attic).

Do not overlook the last step. Check for any evidence that the roof’s structure shows signs of sagging. In order to deal with such sagging, a homeowner needs to contact a professional roofing expert.

Steps to follow when inspecting the exterior section of the roof

• Store your flashlight and get your ladder. Climb up to the point where you can look down on your home’s roof. You do not have to walk on that slanted surface.
• Study the roof’s tiles or shingles. Check to see if any are cracked or chipped. Make note of any evidence that a tile or a shingle has vanished in one particular spot.
• Look for signs of moss growing in between the shingles. Check for any signs of rotting wood. Finally, study the chimney. Make sure that it seems to be in good shape.

When to inspect a home’s roof

That procedure ought to be carried out twice a year. A homeowner can save a lot of money by planning to conduct a DIY operation. In addition, some homeowners face other situations in which a roof inspection might be called a necessity.

After a severe storm, it makes sense to have someone inspecting the rooftop area of the home. That is when the roof’s ability to guard against the entrance of moisture becomes most apparent, assuming that it exists. The storm might have tossed a branch or two onto the roof’s surface. That could have damaged a section of the roofing.

If an extension has been added to a house, then more roofing surface has been created. The smart homeowner does not assume that the old and new roofs have come together seamlessly. Rather, the homeowner’s ladder should get used, in order to ascertain how well the two roofs have joined up. It is best to contact a proper roofing companies in Napa to work on all repairs and replacement of roofs.

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