Which Type of Roofing Best Suits Your Home?

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In order to answer the question in the title, the homeowner must give careful consideration to six key issues.

What is the expected lifespan of the shingles that are being considered for use on the home’s roof?

A homeowner will find it hard to sell a home in which the roof’s lifespan could end within a couple years. That assumes, of course, that the same homeowner plans to be open and honest about the condition of the residence that has come on the market. That would mean telling a possible buyer that a home’s asphalt shingles, which were installed 12 years ago, could not be trusted to last more than another 3 years.

A homeowner’s honesty would not get tested so severely, if the home’s shingles were made of laminated asphalt or wood shakes. In that case, each shingle should last for up to 25 years. Homeowners that have invested in clay tile shingles have slight reason for concern; each such shingle should last for up to 100 years.

How heavy are the roofing materials being considered?

The home under the new materials must be able to support them. The smart homeowner speaks to a roofers in Napabefore making a final decision.
Does any adult member of the homeowner’s family favor natural over man made materials?

If some adult has pushed for staying with natural materials, the final choice should probably be wood or slate. On the other hand, if man made products have gained the approval of all concerned, the homeowner has three choices: sheet metal, asphalt or plastic polymer.

What elements of nature will be coming in contact with the home’s roof?

Will there be lots of rain hitting that surface? Does your local weather report ever include mention of snow, sleet or hail? Are there times when it becomes quite windy?Consider too, how the house remains situated. Where, if anywhere does the afternoon sun strike the roof? Note too how the roof’s shape reflects the shape of the house underneath it.

Do you feel that you and all members of your family will be pleased with the look of your family’s residence, once a specific type of roofing has been chosen?

Study different homes, focusing on those in your neighborhood. Note what sorts of shingles have been placed on each of them. That should help you to decide if the type of shingle you had considered could be expected to match with your home’s style.
To ensure that you get the best services of your money. You need to search the best roofers in Napa to ensure that the quality of material and workmanship is high.

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