Extending the Lifespan of Your Commercial Roof

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Most people would agree that commercial roofing requires a substantial investment on behalf of the building or property owner. The fact that the average roof today can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years equates to maximizing your ROI and sustainability. Yet the average building structure lasts up to 75 years, 3 to 5 times longer roof. Most local roofing contractors in Napa recommend following the 3 steps listed below to extend the lifespan of your commercial roof.

Preventative maintenance saves you grief and money – the most essential element of extending the life of any roof is preventative maintenance. Why would you let your roof suffer by not caring for it properly? In the long run, preventative maintenance is far cheaper than having to repair a damaged roof or replace one prematurely. With the proper care and maintenance your downspouts and gutters will flow freely. Plus, you’ll be less likely to develop any leaks. This will ensure a safer home and long lasting roof.

Schedule bi-annual roof inspections – thorough inspections should be conducted no less than every 6 months or after any major climatic event. If you have one of the more reputable roofing contractors in Napa, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can trust their assessment. Thorough inspections entail paying special attention to drainage systems, flashing, and the roofing membrane and especially around areas such as roof edges and penetrations.

Roughly 90% of all leaks begin at these different roofing intersections and can quickly escalate into more serious issues if they aren’t discovered during a bi-annual inspection. If repair or re-roofing is recommended, you’ll need to hire a certified roofing contractors in Napa. The key to avoiding any future issues and unexpected expenses is to service identify the source of your roofing problem and have it corrected by professionals as soon as you possibly can.

Strike a balance between energy codes and insulation – energy codes, insulation, and roof life must be balanced and fall into place. When a building has more insulation, it has to handle more thermal stress. Furthermore, the membrane of your commercial roof is absorbing the energy because insulation blocks its entry into the building. The result is extensive temperature swings in conjunction with contraction and expansion of the membrane. Ultimately, this shortens the lifespan of the roof, resulting in premature replacement costs.

Whenever you are experiencing or are suspicious of any roofing issues, you owe it to yourself to contact one of the local area roofing contractors in Napa. It is important to only call on the insured and licensed roofing services.


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