The Facts About Replacing a Roof in the Winter

by / Monday, 01 November 2021 / Published in Roofing Systems, Tips

Napa, CA roofing contractors have important information to share regarding roof replacement. 

Learning the Best Times To Replace a Roof

If homeowners are going to replace a roof in the winter, Napa is probably one of the best areas in the country to do it. It is a place that welcomes mild winters that tend not to get below 33 degrees. So, is it a good idea to replace a roof during a Napa winter? The bottom line is, if homeowners are in desperate need of a repair then any time of year will have to do. That said, there might be a few disadvantages to having a roofing job done in the winter. Continue reading to learn all about the best time to have a roof replaced and why. 

Is There Such Thing As Too Cold of Temperatures?

Homeowners may find that most roofing companies in their area slow down during the winter months. One could argue that these companies aren’t as experienced as other roofing companies. Ideally, the roofing company homeowners choose should be busy year-round because experienced roofers will know how to repair and replace a roof in the winter months as well. 

There technically aren’t too cold of temperatures to replace a roof in. it just gets more technique-focused when there is snow on the ground. Napa gets pretty chilly but it luckily doesn’t snow much – if at all. This helps with getting a roof installed in the winter months because the roofers don’t have to worry about removing snow before they begin, alongside other obstacles. 

When Is the Ideal Time To Replace a Roof?

Ideally, roofing replacement is done in temperatures between 40 and 85 degrees. Replacing a roof in these temperatures means the roofers won’t have as many precautionary steps to implement and the asphalt shingles are likely to respond and seal the best during these temperatures as well. 

Still, roofing contractors can buy things like hot boxes to store the shingles in so they don’t get too cold or freeze. This will also help speed the process along because they don’t have to worry about the cold temperatures as much if the hot box keeps the supplies from freezing, to begin with. 

Possible Disadvantages of Winter Roofing Jobs

Although it is possible to install a roof in the winter months, roofing contractors are still likely to run into possible obstacles and disadvantages. 

A few common disadvantages include: 

  • They have to worry about slipping from any possible winter weather that accumulated on the roof. The use of guard rails is recommended.
  • If there is snow on the roof, the contractors will have to remove it before they begin. 
  • The shingles freeze together and become damaged
  • The roof doesn’t seal properly and leads to leaks within the home. 

The best way roofing contractors can avoid sealant issues is to hand seal each shingle onto the roof. This will protect the roof during the winter months until it heats up enough in the spring. 

Modern Method Roofing Knows Best

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