How To Check Your Roof For Damage or Leaks

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Roofing Experts In Nappa CA Share Tips on Keeping Your Roof In Good Condition

Being a homeowner can have its trials and tribulations, but there is nothing more stress-inducing or worrisome than roof problems. Roof damage, particularly leaks, can cause costly repairs, deterioration to the structure of the house, and potential harm to the inhabitants of the home.

During the winter months, the harsh weather can add a lot of strain to a roof. This is especially true for older homes. Thankfully, homeowners can take preemptive measures to protect their homes by knowing what the signs of damage look like. With that being said, the roofing experts in Nappa have shared their tips for keeping your roof in good condition. Take a look below for more information.

The Importance Of Your Roof

When it comes to the benefits of a roof, most homeowners will automatically think of protection. The home topper not only keeps the elements out, but it also restricts animals and insects from making their way inside the home.  Protection is not the only benefit the roof provides, however.

When you think of your comfort level, the ambient temperature of the space plays a big role. This would not be possible without your roof-obviously. Even more important than that, though, is the comfort of an airtight roof can make. When there are leaks or drafts in the structure, you will feel throughout the home.

Homeowners will also feel it in their wallets. Although drafts allow the cold air to come inside and decrease your comfort level, at the same time it is allowing heat to escape. This can dramatically raise your energy costs. Also, keep in mind that if cold air can get through water can, as well. Mold and bacteria growth from excess moisture caused illness and bronchial problems that an otherwise airtight roof would prevent.

Signs Your Roof Is Damaged

Homeowners that are aware of warning signs that their roof is damaged are far less likely to have their comfort level disturbed or need costly emergency repairs. Take a look at the five most common warning signs below, plus learn how these problems can affect your home.

1.  Water Leaks

Water leaks are the most obvious and common sign that your roof needs repair. It can start as slowly as a few drips during a rainstorm and progress to a full-on flood within a week. When water leaks into the home it can stain or destroy furniture, rugs, electronics, and any other items it comes in contact with.

Less obvious, though, is the internal damage excess moisture can cause including staining your walls and ceiling, damaging electrical wiring, and eventually weakening the structure of the home. Beyond the obvious dripping of water, keep an eye out for water stains on the walls and ceiling, a musty odor in the attic or throughout the home, and mold or mildew buildup that is unexplained.

2. Missing Roof Tiles

Missing roof tiles are another sure sign that your roof needs attention. In more severe cases, you will be able to see a bald spot from the yard or street, but not always. You want to keep an eye out for shingles in the yard, especially after high winds or inclement weather. Also, cracked, curled, or otherwise damaged shingles will indicate problems, as well.

Missing shingles will lead to all the problems we mentioned with water leaks above, but you can also add decreased curb-appeal to the list. Broken and missing shingles will add a shabby appearance to an overall well-maintained home.

3. Sagging Roof

Even f there are no water leaks or missing shingles, there could still be sagging in the roof. If you notice a dip, or a spongy bouncy feeling if you are able to get on the roof, this indicated an issue with the structure of the roof.

In this case, you want to reach out for help immediately. Again, not only can it cause the same issues as number one and two, but if the case is severe enough, the support beans and structural integrity of the home can fail.

4. Moss

Number four is the growth of moss on the roof. This is caused by moisture being trapped under the shingles and means that the roof is not airtight. In most cases, you will have to gain access to the roof, but sometimes you can see it from the ground. If you are able to access the roof, also check for cracks in the chimney flashing as well as the skylight.

Moss, although it may not cause a lot of problems on its own, does indicate other bigger issues are on the way. First, if the water is being trapped under the shingles, it will eventually make it inside. Also, excess moisture can attract rodents and insects.

5. Increased Energy Costs

The final warning sign is an increase in your energy bills. Typically, fuel companies raise their rates slowly, so if there is a spike in your monthly heating costs, it could be due to a roof that is no longer airtight. You will also notice drafty areas in the home, plus you may need to turn the thermostat higher to get the normal level of heat you are used to having.

How Repairs Are Done?

Repairs are done in several ways depending on the damage and level of severity. On the other hand, there are a few things that are always consistent if you are working with an expert roofing company. First and foremost, the problem will be identified along with an evaluation of the safety of the structure.

Next, a solution and execution plan will be put into place so the homeowner and contractor are on the same page. Repairs will then be done as quickly and efficiently as possible with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

When choosing a roofing company, it is important to reach out to an experienced professional that provides upfront, safe and quality work. Homeowners want to be assured they are trusting technicians that will have the knowledge and materials to repair their roof as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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