To Re-Roof or Not To Re-Roof, That is the Question

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California-based roofing contractors know the ins and outs of roof patching, repair, and replacement.

Answering the Questions About Roofing Repair and Replacement

With the uptick in violent storms that comes with the seasons changing, there is more concern than ever about the needs of an aging roof. Storms that bring down branches or trees onto roofing and high winds that damage and remove shingles come in full force this time of year. When these life events happen, homeowners must decide whether they should patch the roof, repair the roof, or replace the roof either partially or completely.

Signs of A Damaged Roof

While some roof damage may be easy to see, some may take a more careful roof inspection. If there are leaks in the ceiling when it rains, but no obvious holes can be identified, the problem may be a result of loose shingles or roof flashing. Having a roofing company do an inspection is an excellent idea if a homeowner suspects damage is the proper way to proceed.

They will be able to identify issues and discuss the best outcomes for each home. There are many subtle signs that may show a problem with a roof.

  • Sunken roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Moss or algae growth
  • Cracked or broken shingles
  • Leaks
  • Rotting patches

Patching or Repairing

If the roof is fairly new and the damage is minimal there may only be a need to patch or repair it. A homeowner may even be able to obtain a few shingles and roofing supply materials at a home store and fix it themselves if there are only a few missing shingles. A larger job will require a roofing contractor. Patching is a practical and economical choice as long as it not going to create further problems.

Reasons for Patching or Repairing

  • Age of Roof: If the roof is fairly new, 10 years or newer, patching may be the best choice.
  • Isolated Damage: If there is only damage in one spot of the roof, again a patch is a good choice.
  • Forever Home: If a homeowner is not planning to sell soon, patching (which does not always perfectly match the rest of the roof) is an economical choice.

Partial or Full Roof Replacement

If the roof is older (that is nearing its 20 to 30-year life), a partial or full roof replacement may be required. A partial replacement may work if the damage is only on one side of the roof, but it can actually be more expensive per square foot to replace only a portion of the roof. It can also be difficult to match shingles, so the house may end up looking lopsided. It is important to consider these aesthetics as well before making a final decision.

The age of the roof is clearly a major factor in considering whether or not to do a full roof replacement. The extent of damage, whether in severity or size, may also determine what has to be done. If a homeowner has roof damage, an assessment by a roofing company is advisable before proceeding with any repair work.

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