Steps to Take to Protect Your Home During a Roofing Installation

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Roofing contractors in Napa share information with homeowners to make roofing replacements go smoothly.

How to Avoid Damage to Your Property

Replacing a roof is likely one of the biggest and most expensive home repairs that a homeowner will have to do to their home. Fortunately, with the extended life of modern roofing products, they likely won’t have to do it more than a couple of times in their lives. As a result, many people don’t know what to expect during a roof installation.

Below is a quick guide that will help homeowners know what to expect and how to protect their homes while they get a new roof installed.

Preparing for Roof Repairs

A roofing installation or major roof repairs can be a fairly invasive and dangerous project. However, by making the proper preparations and working with a reputable roofing contractor, the project can progress easily with no compilations. Some of the steps that homeowners should take before the crew arrives are:

  • Ensure landscaping is covered with heavy-duty tarps to protect them from falling roofing debris
  • Cover anything stored in the attic to prevent it from getting dirty during the installation
  • Remove patio and deck furniture
  • Take down pictures or anything of value that could be vibrated off of walls or shelving
  • Cover the pool

In most cases, contractors will take these precautions. Deciding who is responsible for taking these steps should be part of the selection process for roofing contractors.

During the Roof Installation

Once the roofing company is up on the roof installing a new roof, it is common for homeowners to come out and watch the process. This is fine as long as it is done in a safe manner. Roofing companies work for the homeowners so they don’t mind homeowners watching the progress. However, homeowners should stay on paved surfaces and be mindful of falling debris. Steering clear of dumpsters and keeping plenty of distance between them and the roofline are good ideas to stay safe.

Stay Comfortable but Prepared

Often, families will schedule roof repairs while they take a vacation to stay out of the way of the roofing company. This is unnecessary but it can be a good idea to ensure safety. For homeowners that remain home during a roofing replacement, they should take steps to accommodate family members that may be bothered by the noise or endangered by the project.

For example, boarding pets is a good idea or sending them away for the day to keep them from being constantly agitated by the noise. Additionally, small, curious children may want to watch the process and unintentionally be endangered.

Communication with Roofers

A good roofing contractor will be approachable and sensitive to the needs of their customers. They should be transparent and available at every point throughout the process. While the roof installation will likely only take a day or two, the contractors will be available for questions before the project and they will honor their warranty after the project is through. Good roofing projects that have clear expectations are always more successful than projects where responsibilities are unclear.

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