Tips for Selecting the Color of Your Roof

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Go online and discover what it means to shop for a roof, now that homeowners enjoy access to the Internet. Experiment with the online software that lets you drop (virtually) different color options on a house with a designated style. You can even download a photograph of your own home and place one of the various roofs on top of it.

After you have taken advantage of one of the new roofing tools in Napa provided to shoppers, you should get ready to think seriously about other things that might shape your final decision. You may find that not all of the issues raised in this article relate to your specific situation. Here are the issues that other homeowners found to be most important, when coming to a decision about the color of their roof’s shingles.

Do you have to adhere to any restrictions?

This issue can be of great concern to a family that lives in a gated community. By the same token, if you care a great deal about making your neighbors happy, then their happiness might be viewed as a restriction.

Can you take your time about selecting a color?

A hasty decision is not always the wisest decision. You might want to communicate with contractors or realtors, before making a choice. A thoughtful contractor should not push you to make a quick decision.

Think about how the color choice could affect your family’s energy bill.

Light colors reflect the sun’s rays. That reduces the amount of heat that can get into the home. That would add to the points of consideration in a location where almost every building relies on an air conditioning system. On the other hand, dark colors absorb the sun’s heat. That warm air stays in the home, and it mixes with what has come from the heating system. In other words, a dark roof reduces the heating bill in a region where temperatures drop markedly.

What colors in the building under the roof should the colored shingles match or complement?

Are the building’s outer walls made of brick? If so, then do not pick a color that could clash with the red tones in a typical brick building. Has stone been used in the home’s outer walls? That provides you with a chance to select from a greater range of colors, because stones usually have a neutral hue.

Some homes have wooden siding. If that has been painted white, the person picking the color of the roof does not have to feel restricted in any way. Of course, if the siding has been painted a particular color, then that fact could to dictate the ideal hue for the roofing.

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