What to expect when expecting us

For your convenience, we have listed a few tips and hints for your review. Modern Method - your roofing professionals solving your roofing challenges!

Trees and bushes

If you have low hanging branches over your roof, some trimming will be necessary. Our crews will cut back only those that limit their ability to do an efficient workmanlike job. In some cases, especially if the shape of the tree is important, you may prefer to have the tree trimmed before the job begins.

Patio furniture, pictures, mirrors, etc.

Please remove from the area to avoid any damage.

Light fixtures, pictures, mirrors, etc.

These could fall if not firmly attached to wall or ceilings. We suggest that you check to make sure that these are secure, and or temporarily remove them if necessary.

Tear off

When it is necessary to remove your existing roofing, some dust or debris may fall through the sheeting boards. In areas with open garages or ceilings where sheet rock does not exist, we suggest covering or removing any items, which require protection. We recommend covering with sheets or plastic.


Your contract price was computed utilizing driveways, walkways and/or side access yards for trucks and equipment, while work is performed. If this is not acceptable, please notify us immediately.


We need to have access to electricity to run our power tools.

Sheetrock and popping nails

Houses that are constructed with roofing above the rafters and sheet rock below are impossible to walk on without some vibration. Sometimes a few nails pop through the sheet rock, but we ask not to have responsibility for those rare occasions.

Solar panels and satellite dishes

Arrangements to remove and replace solar panels and/or satellite dishes are the responsibility of the owner, unless otherwise stated.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, your start date could be delayed, or started earlier than expected; therefore your presence is not required when we start the job. We recommend that you DO NOT take the day off work or re-arrange important appointments that may be costly to you.

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