Your roof is a big investment. As the first line of defense against the elements, it is probably one of the most important components of your home. So when you are about to replace your roof, you want the job done right. Here are some things you need to know when hiring one of our Napa roofers to replace your roof.

Asphalt shingles are comprised of small particles known as granules. These granules help to reflect sunlight away from your roof, thereby protecting against any potential sun damage. Furthermore, they also help to improve insulation levels which in turn benefit the homeowner by saving energy. Over time, the climate will take its toll on these small granules by breaking them down and washing them away.

In light of our recent wildfires, we thought we would address the use of fire retardant roofing materials used by our local Napa roofing contractors today. More homeowners today are concerned about their roofing systems and how they can either be a help or a hindrance when it comes to home fire safety. What we have learned about fire and its suppression throughout history has been vital in considering the different materials you want to use on your home’s roof.

It’s Check-Up Time For A Healthy Roof

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 by

Just like a yearly check-up for a person, your roof should also get some annual attention. Fall is a perfect time for a proactive roof inspection to check for any potential roof repairs before our cooler and wetter Napa weather hits.

At this time, look for early signs of a roof leak.

● Peeling paint on the underside of overhangs
● Dark stains on ceilings
● Water stains on pipes that vent the water heater or furnace
● Damp areas near a fireplace
● Musty odors in attic
● Sagging decking between rafters

Today when we talk about solar energy, what comes to mind is typically the photovoltaic panel, otherwise known as a PV panel. The PV panel works by converting light particles into electricity at an atomic level. Small units, known as cells, are linked together into larger panels. These are what you see on Napa roofing systems and other areas around the country. If you are like so many other California residents, renewable energy is a matter near and dear to your heart. If you have been considering solar power, you may have been wondering if your home is suitable and how effective it will be for your individual needs.

As a consumer, you know to get at least two or three estimates for any large services. But when you are researching contractors for Napa roof repairs or replacement, how do you decide between very different estimates? Roofing estimates can vary greatly from one company to another. So how do you know how to make a valid comparison?

As one of your largest investments, a new roof should be carefully considered as well as the company you hire for that installation. When you get multiple proposals, you want to be able to be assured that you are comparing apples to apples. The best way to do a comparison is to get an in-depth breakdown of all charges and services.

In light of our recent wildfire disaster, we are soon to see contractors coming in to offset our contractor and labor shortage and to help us rebuild our community. Times such as these often open the doors to predatory companies wanting to take advantage of our circumstances. You do not want to entrust the rebuilding of your home and roofing system to any company that may be exploiting our situation. That is why you will want to take great care before hiring building contractors and roofers to rebuild your Napa home. In times such as these, it may not be possible to find local contractors and you will need to find ways to vet your contractors so you can be assured they are trustworthy. Trust is an important component when it comes to a professional you are entrusting to repair or replace the structure of your home. How can you have peace of mind in times like these?

As we begin the monumental task of cleaning up after this month’s wildfires, we ask patience of all homeowners struggling to rebuild their homes and lives. These efforts will no doubt take years and we are already seeing a shortage of Napa roofing companies and building professionals and laborers to meet this need. Homeowners should follow their insurance company’s protocol and take special care when hiring contractors to help rebuild their homes after this disaster. As the labor shortage already existed before the fires began, it will no doubt prove to only get worse in the months ahead.

Your roof is always the first line of defense against the elements and can be damaged by any number of weather related issues. Strong winds, storms, and heavy rain can affect the integrity of your roof and mean emergency roof repairs in Napa.

If a storm system has caused numerous emergency roof repairs in the Napa area and you can’t get a contractor out immediately, there are some things you can do to stop further damage while you are waiting for professional help.

Is Your Roof Causing A Mold Problem?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 by

Is it possible that a small roof leak can create a problem to your family’s health while being undetected? Napa roofing contractors know that any water that can find a way into your home can also be absorbed by porous materials in your home’s structure. When this happens, mold growth can occur completely undetected and can create a health and safety risk for you and your family.

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